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EU Lithium-Ion Battery Green Design Development

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-10 14:52:13
Although lithium-ion battery technology has some shortcomings, but in electric vehicles, notebook computers and consumer electronics and other areas of commercial applications become more popular. In recent years, from Asia, large-scale industrial production of lithium-ion battery competition is growing, the EU's high-growth industry, the profitability of space is challenged. The EU 7th R & D Framework Program (FP7) provides 5.6 million euros, the total research and development investment of 8.5 million euros, from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Ireland and Switzerland 7 EU member countries of the lithium-ion battery industry GREENLION Europe Team, trying to find another way to ensure that the EU in the green design of lithium-ion battery leader in the world level.

A new generation of solar power batteries joint technology research direction: more environmentally friendly, more cost-effective and sustainable recycling. In the series of advanced materials, components, module manufacturing process and the overall structure of the green design optimization, without reducing the lithium-ion battery energy density and safety and reliability of the premise, GREENLION team successfully reduced a new generation of lithium-ion battery production Manufacturing costs, while greatly enhancing the ecological environment compatibility.
lithium battery
High-capacity 150x20Ah unit manufacturing technology and production process development, reduce production costs and improve cost-effective; series of green optimized design, save raw materials and facilitate the recycling of recycling, the use of organic solvents, Including automated assembly line design; lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, green standards and indicators of the development of parameters; lithium-ion battery life cycle and manufacturing process of environmental impact assessment.

Solar generator lithium-ion battery technology related to the popularization of the commercial electric car industry popularization, improve energy efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs and accelerate the green design and development, will be the future EU R & D innovation activities in the main direction.

lithium battery

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