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EU Funding Projects Developing Synergies

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-05-16 08:19:58
More than 12 million euros ($ 13.18 million) will be made available to the two European projects to finance and use the synergies between the fixed energy storage and transport sectors through the European Union's European Union Facility (CEF) instrument.

The European Storage Energy Association (EASE) welcomes funding for the "TSO 2020: Electrical" transmission and storage options for the larger two projects in the "TEN E and TEN T Corridor 2020" project, which has been awarded more than 7 million euros in the budget of € 11,772,834, from the initial requirement of € 14.9 million. EASE also announced its participation in the project, as well as partners including the Dutch headquarters transmission organization TenneT TSO and the Dutch natural gas company Nederlandse Gasunie.
EU Funding Projects Developing Synergies
EASE said TSO 2020 will "assess and assess the critical role of energy storage in power delivery systems by developing synergies between energy storage systems and alternative transport infrastructure needs." EU member states Belgium and the Netherlands will be coordinated by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

TSO 2020 will use existing power cable networks to generate electricity from COBRAcable (a high-voltage direct current underwater cable connecting Denmark and the Dutch power grid) to a nearby gas network facility. The generated hydrogen will be stored in existing natural gas storage facilities and national natural gas pipelines (electricity - natural gas), while local enterprises will distribute hydrogen through road transport in the Netherlands and western Germany.

The project is expected to conduct two studies to study the link between renewable energy and zero emissions, focusing on innovative energy storage and grid management. It should also work with COBRAcable two pilot projects "EnergyStock Pilot" and "Hydrogen Hub", which will test commercial energy storage and grid management techniques. It is expected that project partners will also analyze how to expand potential solutions.
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