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ECN Developed New Lithium Battery Energy Storage Technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-22 12:02:55
ECNEnergy Research Center of the Netherlands, ECN has developed a new lithium battery energy storage technology, said to rechargeable batteries can increase the storage capacity of 50%.

In order to commercialize the new invention, ECN also set up a new company - LeydenJar Technologies.

The technology uses a pure silicon anode, instead of the traditional lifepo4 battery used graphite anode, so that the lithium-ion battery component storage capacity increased by 10 times the entire battery storage capacity is increased by 50%. The problem with silicon, however, is that when the battery is charged it expands, resulting in a threefold increase in the size of the component, which can embrittle the silicon layer and cause the battery material to crack.

ECN uses plasma-based nanotechnology to align the silicon pillars on the copper foil, creating enough room for possible swelling to keep the cell stable. For commercial applications, this silicon layer will eventually need to be as thin as 10 microns, which is almost 10 times thinner than a piece of paper.

ECN researchers Wim Soppe from 12 years ago when the development of thin-film solar cells, it has been exploring this material. "For solar cells, this material is not stable, but we found this technology for lithium-ion battery has great potential."

ECN's technology transfer manager Sjoerd Wittkampf said that the world is vigorously put into research, expect to further improve the lithium-ion battery. "In this respect, there are major breakthroughs to be made every few weeks, and these new discoveries often focus on materials that can only be produced on a small scale in a laboratory environment."

What makes ECN's development so promising is that the technology used to mass-produce this material is in close proximity, as it is similar to the current manufacturing process for solar cells, and we believe it will help "With the launch of LeydenJar Technologies, we will move the technology to the marketplace and eventually find the best fit between the battery industry and the VC industry."

"With the widespread adoption of lithium-ion batteries, the new company will focus on three key market segments: electric vehicle (EV), consumer electronics, and renewable energy storage," said Chris TIan Rood, co-founder of LeydenJar Technologies. "

"The goal is to provide technology to large power supply manufacturers , and in future demonstration plants, we want to produce silicon anodes for our first customers and demonstrate the technology's competitiveness in volume production."
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