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Double Battery Life Of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 11:29:03
MITMIT  Solid Energy storage system  can double the conventional lithium-ion battery life and reduce the size of the battery, even if the use of a new type of lithium metal technology.

More specifically, the company claims its technology allows the battery 400 Wh / kg energy density. The technology is also said to be easily combined with existing production practice, it is not flammable.

The program is clearly for the company to enter the market in November - and hit a 2017 cell phone battery market, as well as vehicles and unmanned combat aircraft battery manufacturing market in 2018, in Woburn, Massachusetts, is said to have begun - in facilities that are, according to participate, a sufficiently large "House 747 wings"

SolidEnergy systems are not only formed very recently, when its founder, Hu Liang still at MIT. MIT provides some background: 

Who developed while working as a professor in several molten salt and liquid metal batteries MIT Donald Sadoway, a well-known post-cell research, Hu help make several key advances in design and materials of lithium metal batteries, which became basis SolidEnergy technology.

Innovation is a used as an anode, which is about one-fifth the thickness of the conventional lithium metal anode, and many times more than conventional graphite, carbon, or silicon anode thinner and lighter ultra-thin lithium metal foil. It has shrunk half the size of the battery.

But it is still a major setback: the lifePo4 batteries is only 80 degrees Celsius work. "This is a showstopper," Hu says. "If the battery does not work at room temperature, then the commercial application is limited."

Therefore, Hu developed a solid and a liquid mixed electrolyte solution. He coated with a thin solid electrolyte, a lithium metal foil which does not require heating function. He also created a new quasi-ionic liquid electrolyte is non-flammable and chemically modified with an additional membrane and cell design, and negative reaction from the lithium metal stop it.

Taken together, all this leads to battery solutions, the use of lithium metal batteries and  lifePo4 battery typical life and safety of the energy capacity of the gift.

Hu explained: "The combination of new high-performance coatings and solid ionic liquid material technology is based on SolidEnergy."

That sounds promising. We have everything from research institutes, many high-tech battery "breakthrough" Over the years, they tend to become constant great success, these institutions make them out to be. However, if it is already entered commercialization, it sounds more promising.
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