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Dong Mingzhu And Wang Jianlin Invest In Zhuhai Yinglong

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-16 08:24:26
Gree Electric Appliance Zhuhai Long failure to buy, Dong Mingzhu but refused to give up easily. December 15, Dong Mingzhu personal joint Wanda, Jingdong, CIMC Group, Beijing Yanzhao Huijin, a total of 5 units and individuals jointly capital increase of 3 billion yuan, Zhuhai Yinlong 22.388% stake. Dong Mingzhu and the above companies in Beijing to participate in China Manufacturing Summit published the above information.

Except for CIMC's confirmation that it acquired about 1.5% of the shares in Zhuhai Yinlong with RMB200 million, Dong Mingzhu and other companies did not disclose the proportion of investment. Some people close to the company told the new financial journalists, Dong Mingzhu personal investment accounted for the bulk, the other companies involved in capital increase are also invited by Dong Mingzhu. At the forum site, Yinlong, chairman of Zhuhai Yinlong said, the capital increase even did not improve the due diligence.
Dong Mingzhu And Wang Jianlin Invest In Zhuhai Yinglong
Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (Gree Electric Appliance, 000651.SZ) in February 2016 plan to issue shares to acquire Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai Yinlong). August 18, Gree announced the acquisition report with the proposed fund-raising program. Due to the acquisition and fund-raising are issued shares, the total share capital of Gree will increase by 24%, in addition to trading and scheduled to increase the object, the small shareholders of shares were seriously diluted.

October 28, the program was rejected Gree shareholders meeting. Gree Electric has been scheduled to raise funds to adjust the program, but the revised program has not been agreed to acquire Zhuhai Yinlong. November 16, Gree announced the termination of the acquisition of Zhuhai Silver Long.

Gree Electric insiders told the new financial reporter, the capital increase is Dong Mingzhu personal behavior, the company will not consider the level of the continued acquisition or shares of Zhuhai Silver Long. Another person close to Gree said, do not rule out the future Gree will continue to cooperate with the Zhuhai Long.

Gree Chairman and CEO Dong Mingzhu optimistic about the development of new energy, in addition to electric vehicles, she is more valued energy storage business prospects. Dong Mingzhu October 28 shareholders meeting, said: "The real investors, will give their hands in favor (acquisition), to stand up in favor. Do not buy, immediately following the short board, smart home appliances how After all the electrical appliances connected with the city power grid connected to a series of problems are placed in this.

Dong Mingzhu in the planning, Zhuhai Silver Long lithium titanate storage system will be integrated with the Gree smart home appliances. Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Wanda) Chairman Wang Jianlin optimistic about the prospects for energy storage business. He said in the forum on December 15, said the investment involved in Zhuhai Yin Long, on the one hand is based on the trust of Dong Mingzhu, on the other hand is the importance of energy storage business road.

Senior practitioners told Reuters that there are many scenarios for energy storage systems, including PV solar powered portable generator storage for wind power, "peak load shifting" and smart grid for property buildings, and even individual consumers' energy storage market has also been in Europe and the United States market Gradually rise.

Wang Jianlin revealed that the real estate industry accounts for about 50% of electricity consumption, the future for energy storage also has a great demand, Wanda has done this attempt, but the effect is not good. Wang Jianlin said: "I hope Zhuhai Silver Long can do a little commercial." Wang Jianlin even think that if the energy storage market into the outbreak phase, Zhuhai silver valuation will double.
Dong Mingzhu And Wang Jianlin Invest In Zhuhai Yinglong
Reporters told: the energy storage market is indeed a bright future in the long term, and even greater than the electric car market, will be "trillion" scale, but is still in the "dark before dawn" , That is stored energy storage system and the overall cost of electricity than the current commercial price advantage.

The companies are also engaged in energy storage business, but they choose the battery technology route is lifepo4 battery, rather than lithium titanate batteries. He believes that lithium titanate battery has its advantages, but the disadvantage is also obvious: low energy density means that energy storage is also lower, and the cost is higher than the lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Dong Mingzhu and Wang Jianlin are optimistic about Zhuhai Yinlong lithium titanate battery technology, that its environmental adaptability, can be in the range of -50 to 60 degrees Celsius normal working life is longer. Zhuhai silver Long Wei Yincang, chairman of the same occasion, said: "Zhuhai Yin Long need a correct valuation and evaluation." Gree reported that the purchase price of 13 billion yuan has been widely questioned by the capital market valuation is too high, according to the capital increase Stake in the proportion of Zhuhai Yinlong valuation of about 13.3 billion.
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