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Domestic energy storage battery market to accelerate the development

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-24 11:42:39

Recently, China's solar power generator market performance is exciting, frequent electricity reform policy to storage fundamentally power market environment and the rules are modified, effectively changing the storage benefit channels and application opportunities, further promote China's energy market to achieve the commercialization process.


Global energy storage market prospects for the development of the domestic market to accelerate

energy storage battery

Research report predicts that the global energy storage market will be a substantial growth. The report predicts that in 2024 the energy storage system investment will increase by 6 times in 2016, reaching $8 billion 200 million. During the same period, the global energy storage system installed capacity will reach about 45 million kilowatts. Five major energy storage equipment market is Japan, India, the United States, China and Europe, which will account for 71% of the global energy storage equipment market in 2016.


The day before, Tesla reached with the southern California Edison Co an agreement, Milaluoma substation belongs to Edison Co Tesla will provide Powerpack storage a 20 MW /80 megawatt hour system.


It is understood that the project will be completed within 3 months after the completion of the completion of the system will become the world's largest lithium battery power storage system. The Tesla energy storage project, which means that Tesla from pure electric vehicle manufacturing company to clean energy companies to change the target is steadily.

The energy storage market prospects and stimulate development transition to clean energy enterprises more than a Tesla, the lion technology, energy, power and wisdom Far East Nandu integrated GCL and other enterprises has been ahead of the layout, business transformation.


Zhongguancun storage industry technology alliance chairman Yu Zhenhua said that in 2016 the solar backup generator storage industry will be a year full of hope, although the policy landing is still unsatisfactory, but in the early parity storage date today, China's energy market has undoubtedly, technology, application field and the starting point is the main parties in the focus of attention in 2016 the. Large scale centralized renewable energy, distributed generation and micro grid, FM ancillary services, such as the expansion and upgrading of power distribution is still the main application of energy storage in china. It is expected that by 2020, in the ideal case, the total installed capacity in these areas will reach 24 million 200 thousand kilowatts, while the General Assembly will reach 14 million 500 thousand kilowatts in the context of the scene.


Lithium battery energy storage system for chemical storage mainstream market


At present, domestic companies to carry out energy storage projects focused on lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and battery technology. As of the end of 2015, China's energy storage project installed capacity of the top ten manufacturers, the largest number of lithium ion battery manufacturers, for 6, lead battery manufacturers and liquid flow battery manufacturers of the 2.

The latest report shows that in the next 10 years, lithium ion batteries will become the mainstream of battery energy storage technology. Light weight, compact space, large storage capacity is the main reason for the wide application of Li ion batteries. In addition, compared with the lead acid battery and sodium sulfur battery, lithium ion battery can be used without water electrolyte. The use of anhydrous electrolyte can make the battery become thinner, smaller, higher energy density.

Although the high cost of lithium ion battery is the biggest challenge facing the development of the industry, but many companies have been committed to improving the cost of lithium-ion battery. Depends on the new energy automotive industry and the power sector in the continuous optimization of lithium battery industry chain, the cost of lithium battery is declining.


A number of energy storage battery to achieve a breakthrough in the development of power storage market


Recently, the Ministry of science and technology news release, the National 863 Program of advanced technology in the field of energy project "high performance chemical energy storage has made significant progress in key technology research and demonstration power plant cell, in the" new super capacitor, long-life lithium manganese oxide storage battery "and" all solid state lithium ion storage battery, "" the new lithium sulfur chemical storage battery "and" low cost lithium titanate lithium ion battery energy storage system "has achieved major technological breakthroughs.


The storage battery technology progress to some extent to meet the large-scale storage of renewable energy and smart grid energy demand, the storage battery can also use lifepo4 batteries, also provide a complete technical support system of battery materials, battery industry chain integration - demonstration for China's energy storage, greatly promoted the development of China's energy industry.


The author believes that with the continuous improvement of renewable energy penetration, energy storage demand is increasingly urgent. Energy storage as the "last mile" of the construction of the new energy, the state has gradually through administrative means to support the application of energy storage. In addition, with the deepening of reform, many new business models need to rely on the energy storage device to achieve, in the new energy vehicles and infrastructure construction driven by the rapid decline in the cost of the battery will also boost the storage can improve economy.

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