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Domestic Energy Storage Battery Market is Accelerating

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-07 13:47:42

Recently, China's energy storage market is exciting, the current frequency of the electricity reform policies from the fundamental energy storage market where the electricity market environment and rules were amended, effectively changing the energy storage channels and application opportunities for further benefit And promote the energy storage market in China to achieve commercialization process.


Research report predicts that the global energy storage market will show substantial growth. Solar powered portable generator is a kind of energy storage. The report predicts that 2024 energy storage system investment in 2016 on the basis of six times, reaching 8.2 billion. Over the same period, the global energy storage system installed capacity will reach about 45 million kilowatts. Five energy storage equipment markets are Japan, India, the United States, China and Europe, they will account for 2016 of the global energy storage equipment market 71%.


Tesla has signed an agreement with Southern California Edison to supply a 20 megawatt / 80 megawatt Powerpack energy storage system for Edison's Mila Loma substation.


It is understood that the project will be completed within 3 months of construction, after completion, the system will become the world's largest lithium battery power storage system. Lithium battery have lifepo4 battery pack situation. The Tesla energy storage project, which means Tesla from pure electric vehicle manufacturing company to clean energy companies to change the goal is being achieved steadily.


By the energy storage market outlook to stimulate the transformation of the development of clean energy enterprises more than Tesla, Lions Technology, the Far East Intelligent Energy, Southern Power, Xixin integration and other enterprises have been ahead of the layout, the business transformation.


Zhongguancun Energy Industry Technology Alliance Chairman Yu Zhenhua said that 2016 energy storage industry will be a year full of hope, despite the policy landing is still unsatisfactory, but the parity energy storage lofty appearance today, China's energy storage market prospects are beyond doubt , Technology, application and entry point is the main focus of the parties in 2016.


Large-scale centralized renewable energy, distributed generation and micro-grid, FM auxiliary services, delay transmission and distribution capacity expansion is still the most important energy storage applications in China. Solar energy is a kind of renewable energy, it is benefit for portable solar power generator.


It is expected that by 2020, the total installed capacity of the energy storage in these areas will reach 24.2 million kilowatts, and the total installed capacity in the conventional scenario will reach 14.5 million kilowatts.

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