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Diversified Technical Route Of Lithium Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-29 09:17:24
lithium routeAs China's power battery market gradually mature, more power battery technology line emerging, especially around 2016, the lithium iron phosphate and ternary battery technical discussions never ceased, recently, lithium titanate batteries Also began to frequent "scraper."

So, as a veteran of lithium-ion battery business, China Aviation lithium in the technical route has what kind of planning?

"In the past few years, is also actively carry out research and development and application of ternary batteries." Ye Dan Zheng told the Chinese bus network, "in the coming period of time, we are in the future, Will fully tap the application of lithium iron phosphate market, and quickly enhance the ternary battery capacity.

According to Ye Dan Zheng introduced, for passenger cars, the main lifepo4 battery, accounting for more than Jiucheng. For passenger cars, China Aviation lithium-based three-cell batteries. For the familiar military market, the choice of lithium in the lithium battery to explore the use of lithium titanate.

At present, China Aviation Lithium and Yutong Bus, China FAW, Dongfeng Motor, Jinlong Bus, Passenger Bus, Futian Bus and other first-class car prices to form cooperation.

Ye Dan Zheng concluded, "CATIC lithium battery applications adhere to the three main directions, the first is high security, the second is a high specific capacity, the third is a wide temperature plus reasonable charge and discharge, according to different characteristics corresponding to different The lithium battery is very diversified in the military, rail and urban public transport fast charge .Therefore, the technical route of lithium is very diversified.
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