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Distributed photovoltaic power generation financial support of the New Deal will be the lowest loans 50000

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 18:02:37
All kinds of good news continued, distributed photovoltaic power generation into the policy honeymoon period.
Yesterday (August 18), according to the reporter, recently the Director of the State Development Bank's new energy review Roger Revival in 2013 China solar power generator plant seminar revealed, the National Energy Board and the China Development Bank is to be jointly issued a document to support distributed PV Financial Services , the fastest will be the introduction of relevant documents in early September.

The biggest highlight of the policy is to support the natural build distributed photovoltaic on his roof, and the state can provide a loan, according to the message of the present disclosure, the borrower can scale up to 50,000 to 500,000.

solar panel villagelarge  distrubition solar power systems

Meanwhile, throughout the relevant local rules are also being distributed PV power plant intensive introduction in some areas families are also distributed PV network operators, the industry believes that financial support policies for natural persons will stimulate better distribution of residents development of solar powered generation.
New Deal for Development Series
Another major positive policy on distributed PV power plant forthcoming. Director of the National Development Bank review of the new energy re-Xing Tan has revealed that the National Energy Board and the National Development Bank is to be jointly issued a document to support distributed PV financial services, the introduction of "Promoting the development of distributed PV financial services advice."
Just recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Interim Measures on Management of Distributed Generation", from the system as distributed generation and grid network cleared the way. Subsequently, as a major player in the distributed photovoltaic power generation, power grid company also introduced the New Deal.

large  distrubition solar power systems

National Grid [microblogging] Zhang Zhengling company spokesman said the national grid has been ahead of the related work, will provide technical consulting, engineering, commissioning and acceptance and so the whole process of service distributed power connected to the grid.

China Southern Power Grid also introduced the "Guiding Opinions on Further support for photovoltaic and other new energy development" was recently proposed for new energy projects and network management at different levels. 10 kV and below voltage distributed projects connected to the grid by grid enterprises to set up the green channel, and by the business window to accept all network application, one window and provide network services.

According to published reports, financial services, advice on distributed solar generator will change the past, the idea of large-scale ground project will support extended to power companies, decentralized distributed generation projects and a natural person, a natural person, is a highlight. It is reported that the first draft of the Energy Bureau has issued opinions, are in the final modification, the fastest is expected in early September introduced.

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