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Distributed Solar VS Concentrated Solar of Musk and Buffett

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-07 18:53:07

Buffett and musk are rich, but they have almost no what the same place.

One is the elite capitalists, is very important to the status quo, respected cash flow. Known as the legendary investor Buffett to build the industrial empire, the business and business may not be so eye-catching, but quite rich toughness, quite stable.

One is a visionary innovator and a serial entrepreneur, without a trace of respect for the "status quo". The name of the industrialist's empire musk self-taught, is the solid foundation of industry in a series of challenges established on the foundation of car,solar generator etc...


Distributed solar VS concentrated solar

Buffett and musk most widely known "conflict" in nevada. Buffett controls the state's major public power plant NVEnergy, which successfully changed the cost of solar power generatorcustomers by lobbying. The plant's move to reduce energy costs to solar customers has had a negative effect on the Solar Economy: the payback period for customers who have already completed the purchase of energy has been greatly extended. So, Mask served as chairman of the SolarCity company from Nevada to withdraw from the.

From a broader level, this conflict highlights the challenges of distributed solar energy to conventional power plants. In the field of distributed solar energy, has always been a winner, he wants to use Powerwall Tesla such products, consumers will be freed from the dependence on traditional power grid.

To this end, Buffett even called to discuss the phone.

"We don't want customers who don't have solar energy to buy solar backup generator at 10.5 cents," Buffett said in an interview with the US media CNBC. "We can give them a price of 4.5 cents."

Buffett seemed unwilling to acknowledge the existence of climate change directly; at least, he did not think that climate change could become an investment target.

However, his rhetoric was very persuasive. Power plants are able to make use of large scale access to more efficient, so it can be a lower cost of procurement and distribution of renewable energy. Even if you accept the idea that renewable energy is the right path for the future, distributed or centralized power generation is better, and it is still a debate without a conclusion.

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