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Distributed PV has a One-Stop Service

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-04 11:20:31

In the opening ceremony of the 8th China (Wuxi) International New Energy Conference & Exhibition yesterday, new energy companies have brought their latest products, technologies and concepts to show the green consumer products and intelligent energy as a whole. Of the solution, depicting a combination of intelligent energy and new urbanization of the future of life scenes. In the "Paris Agreement" came into effect on November 4, many exhibitors said that people are entering a renewable energy era, new energy consumption head-on, new energy include solar power, like solar power generator.


The first set of new energy Auto Show Hall New eyes


Green simulation of the grass, the white streamlined wing wings to fly. Watt-Ma Union booth, China's first aircraft to get a new air-test certificate of the two-seat light aircraft landing in Wuxi, the development of public interest, have stepped forward to "test drive."


Site staff, this frame by the Liaoning General Aviation Research Institute independently developed light aircraft, training for aircraft license and entertainment flight, charging 1.5 to 2.5 hours, you can life 45 minutes to 1 hour, the maximum speed of up to 160 km per hour. "Compared with the traditional fuel aircraft, new energy aircraft, low cost, pollution-free, more importantly, its 'silent' noise-free property."


In recent years, with the promotion of further efforts to increase, new energy vehicles gradually become a new choice for green travel. This year's new energy exhibition, the organizing committee specifically added a new energy vehicles and charging pile exhibition hall. Among them, the Wo Tema Union assembled 55 members of enterprises, nearly 3,000 square meters decorated with special booth, electric buses, commercial vehicles, cars collective appearance. In particular, the industry's long-awaited Internet Ranger, as well as the latest models of Tesla's new energy electric sports car modelsx Wuxi show, so many new energy vehicles on the scene, "enthusiasts" feast for the eyes. This is the creation of new energy exhibition for eight years, the largest time.

Distributed PV roof with a one-stop service


Distributed PV is considered the photovoltaic industry "new future." This reporter found that, unlike in previous years to show the technical content of PV modules such as solar power batteries based this year, many manufacturing companies turn system integrators to create "one-stop service" concept, help distributed PV power plant to accelerate "flying into the homes of ordinary people."


The most striking of the show, than the Group's 900 square meters of large booth to create the "Association for the future of energy science and technology museum." Staff told reporters that this year launched the "Xin Sunshine" one-stop service projects mainly for home distributed photovoltaic power plants, from the initial installation consulting, contracting program to the construction, post-operation and maintenance management, by the association with local distributors , To provide customized services package. Users only need to provide installation site area, household electricity consumption, local electricity, the legitimacy of such materials, not for the cumbersome procedures and "errands" and headaches. "This service greatly reduces the time-consuming process, the past takes at least a month, now as long as 15 days to 20 days."


In addition, Suntech recently launched a distributed sub-brand "Suntech benefits home", but also the main design of customized services.


Green living concept has been activated


Pavilion entrance, late autumn sun, 30 bright green electric cars constitute a eye-catching landscape. The use of hunting bar rental car app and certified, according to mileage and other information to select the appropriate vehicle number, exhibitors can rent electric car to the nearest hotel, the staff in the system background can see real-time vehicle power, positioning, mileage and other status.


Wuxi Hunting Vehicle Leasing Service Co., Ltd. is a shared travel platform, the company responsible person, to provide customers with mobile phones to find cars, unlock, pay and other short-distance "leap" leasing services, has been in Wuxi Taihu College, Wuxi, Metro distribution points, but also with the Wuxi Metro, bus lines docking.


At the same time, in June this year before the establishment of the League of Nations Kelu Wuxi New Power Co., Ltd., is also the first exhibition of new energy-powered vehicle rental business, is expected to end of next year, layout, including 300 logistics vehicles, including 500 new energy Cars, as well as 100 convenience charging points and 1,000 charging pile, to achieve full coverage of urban travel.


New energy concept of life is being activated in the private sector. Mr. Zhao has a private residential study of new energy for two years, more than 70-year-old gentleman carrying a bag full of the exhibition business brochure, said to take home read, "I hope to give the roof of a home solar generator, although the one - time investment is a little expensive, but from a long - term resource - saving point of view, it is acceptable.

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