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Distributed Energy Needs to Be Integrated with Energy Storage Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-16 09:39:20
Distributed energy bidding in the real market to win the company by not the volume, but innovative ideas. Today more solar storage battereies used for solar power generator.Concord integration Chairman Shu Hua also proposed to create smart micro-network, combined with the financial, large-scale data distribution is an important future business model. Therefore, the rise of distributed business not only have a good policy environment and government guidance, but also rely on the wisdom of enterprise management to win, close combat is difficult to fight melee.
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Distributed energy than the scale than thinking

About 50% of the world's population lives in cities, where energy demand and consumption are concentrated, even within industrial parks. In 2050, 70% of people are expected to be here, and the adverse impact of urban pollution on human life should focus on how to adjust the energy infrastructure. In the city, the first to achieve the transition will be distributed energy. There is no long-distance transport of energy products in the city, production costs can be (ready) to use, which is why we should emphasize that the future of energy distribution is an important form of transformation. Some people will say that in the energy auction, small businesses can not get the project, but big companies, but the distributed energy ratio is not the scale, financial strength, than the ideological innovation, diffusion of ideas, which is the most detailed field of energy transformation , Must be considered from the demand side. When energy consumers make choices, the energy revolution changes and the whole changes.
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What is a smart and innovative business model? "Six in one" energy microgrid mode, which is the premise of future energy service upgrades, but also reduces the system cost of electricity. Integrated application of photovoltaic, natural gas, heat and power cold co-generation, wind energy, low thermal energy, LED, solar energy storage system six energy systems to meet the user needs a variety of energy. The total energy demand of the project office building (electricity, air conditioning, hot water, hot water) load of about 3000KW, than the conventional energy-saving configuration of 2000KW, roof photovoltaic has been put into operation, can provide 350KW of electricity; natural gas engine can provide 400KW power, 400KW heat (cold) energy, and supporting energy storage, wind and solar energy, electric vehicles, micro-grid, LED and many other energy technologies, energy supply more than 50%.

Distributed energy can also be combined with Internet finance, finance leasing, settlement of project investment and energy settlement, power equipment procurement and other issues. At the same time, distributed energy plus information technology and large data, but also reduces the load rate of the energy infrastructure, optimizing the network nodes, improve the use of energy equipment output. In the state financial pressure, subsidies and other status is not in place, the power station operating quality and return on investment is the core, the market participants are more enthusiastic access to the parties, so as to truly achieve energy transformation.

Distributed power plants need to be integrated with energy storage batteries

"In fact, we are in the world of large-scale power plants have hydropower stations, and some offshore wind plants are large-scale facilities, even if the future proportion of renewable energy increased substantially, But the large power grid and large power still have a place.While the PV distributed generation is still have their own adaptation to the environment and requirements of the future centralized and distributed will each account for half of the.But the development of distributed, consumers should gradually accept , Which is a new thing, a new form of energy, a key point is to consumers into production and marketing, such as the use of rooftop solar cells on the need for the parties to the recognition, the recent Tesla solar roof is also doing new products, and Will be the solar roof and energy storage batteries, such as open up the three cars, the future such a trend will become increasingly evident. "Such user-side energy storage system, in the peak valley price, demand price mechanism for better regional application, Users save electricity.

2020 China's energy storage industry is likely to break the scale of 100 billion yuan, its use is also very broad, in the automotive, power systems, families will occupy a more important position. However, as of the end of 2015, the cumulative installed capacity of domestic energy storage capacity of 105.5MW, a total of 118 projects put into operation, the total is not large. Energy storage to participate in distributed energy, there must be differences at home and abroad, in general, the existing three models. First, the distributed energy storage, which is related to the micro-grid, the policy has been, but the subsidies are not implemented. Second, the combination of energy storage and electricity markets, will spawn a new model, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places have been some large-scale energy storage projects. Finally, the use of energy storage in the power demand side, the core is whether it can inhibit the infinite investment in the power grid.
solar energy storage batteries
The so-called demand side of the application of energy storage batteries, is the introduction of energy storage equipment in the power system to effectively achieve the demand side management, reduce peak load difference, reduce the cost of electricity. It will change the traditional distribution system design, planning, scheduling, control and other aspects of change. The development of distributed energy, also need to change with the power. We know that the problem is complex and systematic, but what needs to be clarified is what is the goal of electricity transformation. It's about making people cleaner and more reliable And low-cost energy resources.Distributed energy future In order to achieve the core of the progress of the grid should have open access, to create a public power grid, so that any person, any energy has the right to be accepted by the grid, and Not exclusion, which is to change the value of electricity to think about the problem.

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