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Different PV Mode

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-14 14:01:01

PV + aircraft


In July 26th this year, the "sunshine power 2" experienced a 40 thousand kilometer long grand flight, eventually return to starting point, the plane feature is completely rely on solar power, which is out of the ordinary, it is through the 17248 solar panels to provide energy to the 4 electric engine, for aircraft the propeller powered. It can also store solar energy in the lifepo4 battery pack for night flight. Because of this, the "sunshine power 2" became the first to complete the flight around the world alone solar aircraft, it also makes the historic flight.

PV and aircraft

Solar aircraft is a solar powered aircraft. The power device of the solar powered aircraft is composed of a solar power batteries, a DC motor, a reducer, a propeller and a control device. Due to the low energy density of the solar radiation, in order to get enough energy, the aircraft should have a larger surface area of the intake of sunlight, so that the laying of solar cells, solar aircraft, the larger the wing area.


With the convening of the G20 summit, the international air transport association hopes to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. Sunshine power company vision, in the future, focus on solving the problem of light energy absorption. Because only a substantial increase in the effectiveness of the battery, it is possible to increase the number of machines. 40 years later, can carry 300 passengers full solar aircraft is expected to be officially put into operation.


PV + car


As early as 1978, the world's first solar car developed in the United Kingdom, the speed of 13 kilometers per hour. In 1982, Mexico developed a three solar car, speed of 40 km per hour, because obtained the car every day electricity can only do 40 minutes, so it cant run far. A new solar backup generator car was designed by researchers at University of Sao Paulo in Brazil in May 1999. Top speed over 100km. In 2003 Australia solar car race, made in Holland "NunaII" solar car won the championship, it takes 54 minutes to 30 hours to run 3010 kilometers, creating a solar car a top speed of 170 km of new world record. 2015, China's new energy vehicles sold more than 300 thousand, and a number of companies announced that solar cars will be on the market in 2017. Seen in this view, the solar powered car can be seen everywhere.

PV and car

PV+ mobile phone


Since the birth of the phone, with the continuous progress of science and technology, from the buttons to touch screen, from the phone calls, send and receive text messages to the life of practical tools, it seems that nothing is done by the smart phone can not be. However, when the number of information and multimedia is increasing, the natural derivative of the standby problem, how to improve endurance, become a breakthrough in the competition of electronic products manufacturers. If you can install solar energy technology to smart phones, then the trend will become a mobile phone history and a change of innovation. Can not only reduce the number of times we charge, but also can extend the life of the battery. Currently need to solve and improve the conversion efficiency of the battery.


Has launched the world's first solar power batteries mobile phone GuruE1107 as early as 2009, Samsung, it is also a solar panel on the back, 1 hours of exposure to maintain 5-10 minutes, the conversion rate is not too high, so only the emergency use. If the solar mobile phone back shell to realize, first to achieve energy conversion to ultra high efficiency power, constant input, and to maintain the current and voltage according to the current cost of solar panels has been reduced. Temperature of the problem has been resolved, the production is only a matter of time.

PV and mobile phone

In between the fusion and collision, horizontal integration and vertical remodeling industry is, through cross-border letphotovoltaic into all walks of life, make continuous innovation in the development, the green Chinese dream sky blue, green, clear water as soon as possible to achieve.

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