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Diamond Wire Cutting Technology In Solar Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-04 15:24:06
Silicon wafer plant and its solar conductive paste plant Sau Wo on November 23, said the joint law will be held at the meeting expressed optimism about the market next year, and said that the diamond wire cutting technology and wafer expansion and other preparations .

Cai Shuo, general manager of Guoshuo, said the silicon material will be the end of the end of this year, the future no longer need to mention the long-term loss, it will actively introduce diamond wire cutting technology to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of cutting. At the same time, Guosuo Thailand plant is also expected to be transformed into a slice factory, next year is expected to monthly production capacity from 1 million to 3 million.
Solar battery
In the third quarter, the Company recorded NT $ 153 million after-tax loss, and NT $ 1.68 for NT $ 1.68 after tax for the first three quarters. Net income per share was NT $ 0.5.

Shuo Wo, general manager of Huang Wenrui said that the fourth quarter of this year's revenue will be better than the third quarter, and Shuo Wo recent positive development of downstream power plant success, just the cause of power plants can be injected into the after-tax earnings per share of nearly NT 3 yuan. Shuo Wo earnings per share in the third quarter of 9.19 yuan per share, the first three quarters of NT $ 1.597 billion after-tax surplus, earnings per share after tax of 26.18 yuan.

Shuo Wo's solar powered portable generator power station business has gradually established a solid foundation, is expected to come from the solar power generator power station next year's revenue of NT 200 million; the future hope to increase the rate of 50MW per year, at home and abroad around the sustainable development.

In addition, Shuo Wo's subsidiary Yancheng Shuancong in Jiangsu is expected to trial production in December, the official mass production next year there will be 84 diamond lines, 50 slicing machine capacity, can produce 20 million per month diamond line Silicon wafer.
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