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Diamond Battery Would Use Nuclear Waste

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 17:05:56
Nuclear waste takes thousands of years to decay. But the long life of radioactivity may be the reason why these nuclear waste solar power batteries have been used for thousands of years.
Diamond Battery Would Use Nuclear Waste
Researchers at the University of Bristol used graphite as a waste product in a nuclear reactor to develop an artificial diamond that would generate electricity when placed near a radioactive source. Although these portable solar power generator batteries produce only a small amount of current, they provide incredible battery life for thousands of years.
Nuclear reactors require graphite blocks to control heat and nuclear reactions. When exposed to radioactive rods, graphite block has gradually become radioactive. When the decommissioning of nuclear power plants, graphite block is one of the major radioactive waste products to be processed.
Diamond Battery Would Use Nuclear Waste
Carbon -14 is found on the surface of graphite block. The carbon isotope of the radiation can not penetrate even a few centimeters of air, but it is still not allowed to enter the environment. Britain currently has nearly 95000 tons of radioactive graphite block. The researchers believe that by extracting carbon -14, graphite can remove most of the radioactive material. As a result, the cost and risk of stored graphite will be significantly reduced.

Researchers have found a way to generate electricity from radioactive waste using these graphite blocks. First, they heat the graphite blocks and turn them into gases. Then the radioactive gas is compressed to grow the diamond.

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