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Development Trend of Power Lithium Battery Materials

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-17 13:01:37

 Development Trend of Power Lithium Battery Materials

Lithium-ion battery is currently the mainstream of new energy automotive batteries, therefore, the lithium-ion battery (such as LiFePO4 battery pack) materials will be the key factors affecting the performance of the car battery. According to the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association statistics branch of lithium industry, battery grade lithium carbonate price of 43,000 yuan / ton in early 2015, after several rounds of substantial adjustment, the market price has been raised to 123,000 yuan / ton by the end of 2015, up nearly 3 times.

In addition to vigorous market demand, prices increase also depends on the limited total battery grade lithium carbonate market supply, and the attention of the capital market, these factors undoubtedly gave Crazy Way to lithium power. Lithium battery materials became the most powerful factor in promoting the development of new energy vehicles, for example solar powered portable generator.

The opportunities and challenges brought by new energy vehicles

Lithium-ion battery materials include cathode material, anode material, separator and electrolyte. In recent years, the state has adopted a series of policies to support the heavy development of new energy vehicles, making the new energy vehicle sales continue to achieve new breakthroughs.

In recent 20 years, lithium-ion battery has maintained a momentum of rapid development. From 2009 to the present, China's relevant ministries have published a number of new energy vehicles and related support policies to encourage new energy vehicle development, but also greatly promoted the lithium-ion batteries in automotive applications of new energy.

According to relevant statistics, sales of new energy vehicles in China has more than 250,000. Meanwhile, with the recent wearable smart appliances and the development and popularization of the lithium-ion battery will be more widely used.

Since 2015, with the increased market prices of lithium carbonate and lithium hexafluorophosphate, the pressure on the battery manufacturers gradually appear. It is understood that Shanshangufen as the largest integrated lithium battery material suppliers,the company achieved sales reached 8068 tons in lithium battery cathode materials business in the first half of 2015, an increase of 49.44%; net profit of 25.7056 million yuan, up increase of 105.80%.

Located in the high-power lithium battery production base of DangSheng Technology, said, "power lithium cathode material is a marketing company at this stage the focus of power lithium cathode materials with high nickel vehicle multiple materials and products are the first bulk supply for domestic use in vehicles on the international and domestic markets are in short supply in the state. "

Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Zheng Mianping propose, according to the actual situation of China's new energy industry development of electric vehicles, should focus on the development of micro low-speed electric vehicles and extended-range electric drive vehicles now. During the "Thirteen Five", the lithium-ion battery to continue to improve the specific energy under the premise of safety first, to improve the "Fourteen Five" electric car industry to lay a solid foundation.

solar powered portable generator

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