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Development Status and Future Trend of Lithium Battery Equipment Industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-19 16:47:34

Since the Japanese Sony company in 1992, Sony lithium battery into the industrialization of lithium batteries in mobile phones, notebook computers and other industries have been large-scale application. As technology advances and enhance performance, lithium battery applications will gradually expand to a number of different areas, such as solar powered portable generator etc.

On a global scale, Japan's lithium battery industry is the earliest and most complete. For a long time, Japan and South Korea lithium battery business in the global lithium battery industry dominated.


The future, with China's lithium battery resource reserve advantages, manufacturing cost advantages, market size advantages and new energy policy support and other positive factors to fully release, China's lithium battery industry will further expand the scale, and its beneficial for lifepo4 batteries. 2016 Energy Storage International Summit, "Energy Research White Paper 2016" was officially released, the 2015 global energy storage market for the annual inventory, and the Chinese market capacity was predicted.


The report shows that the current energy storage market, mainly lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and flow batteries, and lithium-ion battery installed capacity accounted for the total installed market in China 2 / 3. 2015 new energy vehicle sales reached 18.8 million, 2016 sales may exceed 300,000. Coupled with policy support, is expected to domestic lithium battery market in 2016 will reach 59.6 billion yuan in 2020 will reach 200 billion yuan.


In recent years, the global lithium-ion battery demand growth mainly comes from the consumer electronics and power tools market. The future to consumer electronics products, represented by the traditional lithium battery market demand will show steady growth.


Traditional lithium battery market demand growth also comes from lithium batteries for other types of battery replacement. With the development of energy storage power station and new energy vehicle technology, the lithium battery industry as the new energy industry, the core plate, the future market demand will come from energy storage batteries and new energy vehicles power battery market, for example the storage batteries use in portable solar power generator.

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