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Development Of Energy Storage Technology And Industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-11-03 15:04:40
To further accelerate the development of energy storage industry, the NDRC, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Energy Bureau jointly released the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Energy Storage Technology and Industry. Clearly plan to complete "two steps" in the next 10 years. By 2025, a large-scale energy storage industry will be formed and a relatively complete industrial system will be formed. This will become a new economic growth point in the field of energy. This also marks the entry of China's energy storage development into A new era.

At the same time, the market has been encouraged by the fact that the related supporting policies on energy storage industry across the country have been gradually introduced. As early as last May, Dalian City, promulgated to promote the development of energy storage industry implementation advice. In addition, Yichun and Beijing have also issued guiding policies for energy storage industry in support of finance, finance, taxation, land use and talents.

The release of the "Guiding Opinion" means that a tera-level industry is starting to sail. With the gradual implementation of the "Guiding Opinions" and the successive introduction of supporting policies, China's energy storage industry will surely usher in an excellent period of leapfrog development. Energy storage industry into the early stages of commercialization, the key role of energy storage for the energy system transformation initially revealed. Experts predict that by the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, China's installed energy storage capacity will reach 50-60GW and will reach over 200GW by 2050. The market size will exceed 2 trillion yuan.
Development Of Energy Storage Technology And Industry
When the energy storage industry to expand the growth point, the market will also follow the layout of those who expand their business areas, solar power storage batteries become one of the most dazzling plate. Currently there are three major types of energy storage technologies, including chemical storage, including lead-carbon batteries, lithium batteries, sodium sulfur batteries and flow batteries; physical storage; electromagnetic energy storage, including super capacitors.

According to the Forward Industry Research Institute, "China Energy Storage Industry Market Forecast and Investment Prediction Analysis Report" shows that in 2016 the global cumulative electrochemical energy storage 1769.9MW, of which lithium batteries accounted for 65%. China accumulative total installed capacity of 243.0MW electrochemical storage, of which 59% of lithium batteries, an increase of 78%. The main reason is the small size of lithium batteries, high energy density, fast response and so on.

As an important part of the energy field in the future, the development of energy storage will have similarities and linkage with the development of photovoltaic and new energy automobile industries. There will also be a great deal of overlap in the industrial chain. We think that the development of energy storage industry and the interpretation of investment opportunities will Has the following features:

Probably the rate of industrial development will be significantly faster than the government planning: including technological progress, the rate of cost decline, as well as the scale of construction projects and so on.

The market share of energy storage technology routes will be dominated by the speed of technology differentiation and the start of market segments rather than the direction of the policy itself.

At present, the energy storage technology in our country has a good development trend at present and shows a large-scale trend. Compared with the international standards, there are still some room for improvement in the core materials such as electrolyte, separator, positive and negative electrode materials.
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