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Detroit of United States transform to pv power generation from car

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-06 10:06:59

Michigan energy company DTE Energy on September 16 announced that it has begun construction of Detroit in the city of O'Shea Park, the largest metropolitan area megawatt-class photovoltaic power plants. 

The plant is DTE energy, Detroit and the US Department of Energy (DOE) tripartite cooperation between industry and government projects, is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

PV Power Generation

Although the exact figures of the capacity of the equipment are not disclosed, it is estimated to be about 2 to 3 MW of PV power plants from the 10-acre site (about 40,000 ), which can fully meet the electricity demand of 450 households, if it use LiFePo4, that will be a big LiFePo4 battery pack.

Gerry Anderson, Chairman and CEO of DTE Energy, explained the significance of the project: "This megawatt PV plant can cut greenhouse gas emissions and supply clean electricity, while also contributing to local economic growth," said Gerry Anderson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DTE Energy. Regional prosperity to contribute. "

The company stopped one after another 11 of the 11 coal-fired power stations, in promoting the introduction of cleaner power. The millions of PV power plant is one of them. At the same time, solar powered portable generator is also one of them.

Detroit, known as the "Big Three" auto industry recession, there has been stagnation of economic growth and deterioration of law and order and so on. As a result, Detroit metropolitan population flows to the outskirts of a better law and order and so on.

In the 1950 Census, the city's population was more than 1.8 million, while in 2010 the survey was reduced to 71 million people, 60% of the population outflow. The city of Detroit went bankrupt in 2013, under the administration of Michigan. After the implementation of the rehabilitation measures, in December 2014 the city to restore fiscal stability.

Detroit-owned and managed assets O'Shea Park has also been idle for years, allegedly proposed by the city to the DTE energy to carry out photovoltaic power generation, thus building the millions of PV power plant.

Through the photovoltaic power station, the city is expected to receive 1 million US dollars in tax revenue, the construction process to create jobs are also expected, maybe it is benefit for portable solar power generator.

In general, it is difficult to purchase large areas of land in the metropolitan area at low cost. Therefore, in the metropolitan area, such as the construction of millions of PV power plant situation is relatively rare. However, in Detroit, like O'Shea Park as a large area of idle land there are many, the future may also continue to build millions of PV power station.

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