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Detailed household distributed power station Property Rights

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-20 23:08:15

“Household distributed power station property are complex, the roof is hard to obtain, even coordination down, it’s hard to ensure that roofs can be available for a long time. This has been a big problem plagued by the development of distributed PV, and there has no breakthrough.

Recently, the National Energy Board released a data shows that in 2014, the distributed PV new capacity are 2.05GW. far away from the 8GW target set. In fact, China’s distributed PV development are potential, as estimates, the country can be installed photovoltaic building about 300 million kilowatts, only the provincial industrial parks can be installed 80 million kilowatts. However, distributed PV in our country has not been promotion for a large-scale, the biggest obstacle is the design loopholes property of home distributed solar power generator.portable solar power generator

Distributed PV is not only the energy sector problem, but the need for the whole social environment in many ways systematic construction. Currently, it’s very essential to build household distributed power station property rights system and implement, improve the legal environment of distributed PV development.

The current issues for distributed PV, are mostly appeal to policy support, coordinate grid, financial support, etc. But the fact that these issues have been very active in promoting, but distributed PV promotion is still not optimistic, one of the important problem is relate to domestic property distributed power station. Policies and networks, financial support will definitely affect the development of distributed PV, but the property is a fundamental problem. Other issues have been gradually improved, but the property rights problem may not be solved in a short period of time. China Energy Economic Research Institute chief researcher PV hongwei said in a interview.

Property issues constraining the development of distributed

China renewable energy society vice president Meng xiangan point out that although China's roof area is large, but in line with the requirements of distributed PV projects are not enough. Since China is not a permanent property rights, many investors and homeowners are doubts with 20 years to recover the cost of distributed PV investment. It is understood that, in accordance with the existing system of property registration, property roof home distributed power plants belong to the roof owners, only those with land certificates buildings and industrial facilities to have a complete property registration.

This lead to a problem, that’s very hard to obtain the distributed power station roof. Distributed power station has a dispersion characteristic, but our roof property are complex, requiring multi-party negotiations on leasing matters, after consultation to ensure 20-30 years to use it. And also to ensure that the owners can keep for use PV roof all the time, this result many projects unable to continue after the application down.” An industry source told the reporters that.

It is reported that the first batch of distributed PV demonstration area in the largest projects-the Zhongguancun Haidian 178 MW power plant project is due to the distributed home roof property is extremely complex, difficult to coordinate, so that the project approved had not commenced. Even if the project coordinator down, in case the roof owners and investors inconsistent, plant property investors cannot be protected by law evidence, it will cause the roof to get investment business after facing uncertainly risk. The existence of the risk of household distributed power plant comprising: At first, if the development of a business is unstable, dependent on the corporate roof of solar backup generator , it would be difficult to maintain the present state; Second, roof owners will continue to make the requirements according to their own development plan plant layout, there will be the possibility of dismantling the plant buildings. PV power plant owners have no any legal protection of property rights, so it will force  to dismantle PV power plant; third, due to the change of government programs and the nature of the land, companies may move for a whole, in which most of the urban transformation process may take place, that will lead to the owner crumble, and now China is still no clear legal protection for the full compensation of such losses.

Legislation to eliminate the existence of the risk of power plant

Household distributed power station is the first issue of property rights of investors should be consider, if the property of power station is not clear, that will cause a lot of disputes, that’s the main reason for the bad promotion of distributed power station. How to protect the plant property have to be determined.

"Household property distributed power station has become the leading cause of serious impact on investor confidence in the financial and banking sector loans motivated. To perfect home distributed power plant issue of property rights is vital for protect power station.

How to ensure the future of home distributed power station, whether investors or financial institutions, both can reduce the risk of subsisting under the guidance of the government and ensure reliable long-term benefits, the National Federation New Energy Chamber of Commerce have pointed out that property rights registration system from domestic distributed power station should eliminate through legislation the risk of the existence of distributed power plants.

Coincidentally, the president in Beijing Yang jun investment Co., Ltd peng li bing hold the same view. He said that after the completion of the government filing procedures as well as government agencies to develop inspection station, To allow the completion of power generation photovoltaic power plant in the lease contract, to complete the registration of property rights, it’s better to get a certificate of registration of property rights for household distributed power station, owned and roof owners can be the same or not the same subject, After registration of property rights photovoltaic power plants, according to the Property Law corresponding legal provisions to ensure that the interests of the owner, the owner of an investment asset register of legal instruments.

Hung Wei told reporters:” talking about property rights, it should have a clear answer. Because the face of a series of copyright subsisting risks arising, if you would like to encourage investors to reduce these risks, we need to improve the relevant system, you will need to use government action to increase trust. "

In addition, Peng libin also pointed out that after registration of property rights solar powered generator , in the face of enterprise transformation, urban renewal, land change the nature of such acts, the government should be compensated according to the compensation to real property rights. If the roof owners based on their own development needs, renovation and demolition of these power plants, on the basis of mutual consultation, through the government planning approval or for the record, you can choose to re-construction of photovoltaic power plants at the site, It may be the original owners of other roofs in the same lease terms available to power plant owners for the reconstruction of photovoltaic power plants.

Our construction of the relevant system is not perfect, there will be a sense of law, the law is not clear enough, which affected the development and specification of distributed PV industry. Hung wei says in the respect of property rights, foreign countries may not be such complicated.

There are three forms of distributed power station in Germany: install in their own roof, the proportion accounted for 1/3; sponsored fund, mounted on the roof of a public building, which one you need to install on the roof, just rent their land. The last one is leased to farmers to install. Dena German Renewable Energy Center Executive Director Tao Guangyuan told reporters that. Tao Guangyuan also said that: in fact there are many complex issues, clearly defined, then carefully executed, the problem will resolved. By planning to build a house, installed PV power plant on the roof is allowed, if encountered demolition, removal, then those who are responsible for the demolition, relocation should be compensation, including the construction of photovoltaic power plants on the roof. "

The objective fact are here, now the PV industry chain has been highly globalized, it can be said that developing of distributed PV technology base are similar, but why it will have different results?

“let’s compare Germany, United States and Japan distributed PV development environment, in fact, distributed photovoltaic is not only the energy sector problem, but the need for systematic construction in many ways the whole social environment. Property issues related to distributed PV legal environment, to improve the relevant laws and regulations, clearly defined and implemented, the effect will be quite different. It can be said that the key to development of distributed PV including solar powered portable generator is outside of PV.” Someone on the condition of anonymity said.

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