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Detail analysis on the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation system

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-18 11:27:26

1 Selection of solar powered supports


Distributed solar power generator system support, that is, to support the framework of the structure must be strong, simple, durable. Electroplating steel and stainless steel are ideal choices.

2 preparation before installation

 Install Solar

Design personnel or installation personnel to view the installation site, carefully select the location of solar panels, electrical equipment can not be exposed to sunlight, the more close to the battery and electric power conditioning equipment, the better. Clean up the site, clean up, according to the design personnel or installation personnel requirements, prepare the required materials and tools.


3 battery installation

Batteries must be installed ventilation equipment, ventilation and switches must be placed outdoors, the battery box should be protected against corrosion, should be set around the safety fence, air to flow. Install the battery must use the battery connecting screws and washers for manufacturers, the appropriate size of the battery wire and fuse, the fuse is installed in the wire, the use of stainless steel nuts, nuts, battery terminals and terminal all terminal cover or petrolatum oil, high temperature grease bag. In order to prevent the terminal by the acid or acid erosion. Now more and more customer choose to use lifepo4 battery pack to replace lead acid battery.


4 controller and inverter installation

When the controller is installed, the solar cell array is covered with an opaque cloth, and the load is disconnected to protect the equipment and the installation personnel. The installer is careful to move and keep in mind that the electrical equipment is a sensitive part. The installation position of the controller should be well ventilated, in order to prevent the heat dissipation parts from too high temperature.


There are many similarities between the installation of the inverter and the controller. It is pointed out that the DC cable is connected to the input end of the inverter, it must pay attention to judge the polarity and confirm the positive and negative polarity.


According to the different requirements of the photovoltaic system, the controller, inverter function and characteristics are different. Therefore, the controller, the inverter was the specific wiring and debugging methods, need to refer to the equipment with the technical documentation.


5 PV system cabling

PV system cabling

Wire connection. All the connecting lines of the solar backup generator system must be connected to the nearest electrical junction box. The electric connection box can be raised, and can be embedded in the wall, ceiling or floor. Outdoor wires can only be connected on the lower side of the junction box. In the connection socket and connector, and pay special attention to the respective characteristics of DC and AC; DC system connection, to judge the positive and negative polarity wire and terminal; communication system wiring, judging line, neutral line and ground. Correct wiring can prevent damage to equipment, eliminate fire and reduce the risk of electric shock.

When all the procedures are installed and the installation instructions or technical personnel to complete the requirements of the installation, clean up the scene, adjust and test the various components are installed.

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