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Desay Battery Fast Growth In Next Three Year

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-19 09:59:03
DesayThe following next three years, fast growth in revenue; Desay Battery is actively developing domestic smart phone customers into the field of laptop batteries, while the layout of the power battery business, short and medium-term business growth points are available.

Long term power battery space will surpass smart phones, notebooks and other space of the space, the future of the mobile phone market will continue to be strong, the future of Apple's mobile phones continue to be strong next year, iphone8 worth looking forward to the medium term look at Huawei, vivo and OPPO smart phone giants and enter the field of notebook batteries, And, 3-5 years after the development period.

Lifepo4 Battery has a long development period: two important properties of intelligent vehicles New energy and unmanned electronic equipment makes the proportion of the cost of the vehicle will be greatly improved; the current penetration rate of about 1.5% of new energy vehicles, smart cars Of the penetration rate in the next 10 years will be greatly improved.

Desay Battery currently through the Blueway technology into the field, with the domestic OEMs, Korean batteries manufacturers and domestic lifepo4 battery pack manufacturers to start cooperation, walking on two main ways, the company  long-term development has improved.
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