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Depth analysis of the PV distribution system in the inverter application knowledge

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-29 16:51:40

Waveform distortion of the output voltage: when the output voltage of the photovoltaic inverter of solar backup generator is sinusoidal, the maximum waveform distortion (or harmonic content) should be specified. The total waveform distortion of the output voltage is typically expressed as the value of the output voltage should not exceed 5% (10% of the single phase output).


1 rated output frequency


PV inverter output AC voltage frequency should be a relatively stable value, usually for the power frequency 50Hz. Under normal operating conditions, the deviation should be within + 1%.


2 load power factor


Characterization of photovoltaic inverter with inductive load or capacitive load capacity. Under the sine wave condition, the load power factor is 0.7 ~ 0.9 (lag), the rating is 0.9.


3 rated output current (or rated output capacity)


The rated output current of the inverter is expressed within the specified load power factor range. Some of the inverter products are given the rated output capacity, whose units are expressed in VA or kVA. The rated capacity of the inverter is the product of the rated output voltage when the output power factor is 1 (i.e., pure resistive load).

4 rated output efficiency


The efficiency of photovoltaic inverter is the ratio of the output power to the input power under the working conditions. The efficiency of the inverter under the rated output capacity is full load efficiency, and the efficiency of the 10% rated output capacity is low load efficiency.


5 Protection


(1) over voltage protection: the inverter of solar generator that has no voltage stability measures should have an output over voltage protection measures to protect the negative section from the damage of the output voltage.


(2) over current protection: over current protection of the inverter, it should be able to ensure that the load short circuit or current exceeds the allowable value in time, so that it can avoid the damage of the surge current.


6 starting characteristics


Characterization of load capacity and dynamic performance of inverter with load. The inverter should be guaranteed to start reliably under the rated load.


7 noise


Transformer, filter inductor, electromagnetic switch and fan in power electronic equipment will produce noise. Inverter normal operation, the noise should not exceed 80dB, small inverter noise should not exceed 65dB.

The main technical performance and evaluation of inverter

 solar generator



In order to correctly select the inverter for solar power generator system, the technical performance of the inverter is evaluated. According to the influence of inverter on the operation characteristics of the main PV generation system and the requirement of the photovoltaic power generation system to the performance of the inverter, the evaluation contents are as follows:


1 rated output capacity


Characterization of the power supply of the inverter to the load. Inverter with high rated output capacitance value can be brought with more power load. However, when the load of the inverter is not pure resistance, that is, when the output power is less than 1, the load capacity of the inverter will be less than the rated output capacity.


2 output voltage stability


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