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Dalian Liquid Battery Storage Peak Power Plant National Demonstration Project

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-30 09:55:34
batterystorageDalian Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd. on the 26th disclosed that a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan in Dalian liquid battery storage peak power plant national demonstration project has officially entered the right track, the current project planning, land, environmental assessment and other work has been ordered Expand. This is by far the world's largest, China's only chemical storage peak power plant project.

Energy storage is an important part of smart grid construction, through participation in power grid FM can improve the distribution equipment and line utilization. April 14 this year, the National Energy Board approved the formal approval of Dalian to organize national chemical energy storage peak power plant demonstration project construction, which is the National Energy Board approved the first time in the nationwide construction of large-scale chemical energy demonstration projects.

According to reports, lifepo4 battery pack storage peak power plant project relies mainly on a vanadium as the active substance was circulating flow of liquid redox battery technology. Vanadium battery as energy storage system with large capacity, rapid conversion, no pollution, low operating costs, high security, long service life and so on. Compared with traditional energy storage and mechanical energy storage, this new type of high-power chemical energy storage is not restricted by geographical location. It is becoming a hotspot in the research and utilization of developed countries all over the world.

Shaoyang, chairman of Dalian Thermoelectric Group Co., Ltd., said that after the completion of the project, will play an important role in improving the energy structure of Dalian, Dalian power grid is conducive to improving the capacity of peak load shifting, the peak load of the double effect is not more Peak power, will fundamentally solve the problem of peak shunting in Dalian power grid, in particular, to improve the power grid in Liaoning power grid is very far-reaching significance.

It is reported that the project is scheduled to start lifepo4 battery construction by the end of this year, the second half of 2017 to install the power station to the end of 2017 the first phase of the project total capacity of 100 megawatts of power stations will be put into operation. 2018, is expected to complete another 100 megawatts of power plant construction tasks.
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