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Daily maintenance manual for solar power generation system

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-25 16:15:04

I, system description: solar energy photovoltaic power generation system consists of solar cell array, solar inverter, grid connected photovoltaic power distribution box, meisile bracket and meter etc..


1, solar array: the total power of the solar panel is 10KWp in solar power generator, consisting of 40 250Wp panels; divided into 2 squares, each square is 5000Wp, each battery plate matrix has a control switch and lightning protection system, the matrix connected in parallel, connected to the input end of the inverter, the inverter power which is generated by the electric meter after delivery to the load measurement.


2, solar inverter power is 10KW, the PV input capacity is 10KWp, its technical parameters reference product specification.


3, the solar inverter is the core component of the solar system, it is the solar cell component of the DC power into the load can make some three-phase AC power supply. When the power grid is cut off or there is no sunlight in the evening, it will automatically stop working and is in standby mode.

solar inverter power

Operating instructions:


1, before opening the system, to ensure that all parts of the system are connected in good condition.


2, if the connection of photovoltaic panels and inverter in inverter indicator intact, the top front panel is green and shining; otherwise no connection, need staff using the multimeter detection solar panel output voltage is, check whether the line connected PV module circuit and so on;


3, the inverter and the meter if the connection is intact, lights on the front panel of the inverter is green; otherwise it is not connected, need staff using the multimeter testing whether the inverter output voltage, check whether the circuit breaker and so on;


4, distribution cabinet power distribution box connection line is loose and the cabinet contains air switch, surge protector and other devices, to ensure that its function is normal, the connection is intact;


5, open the city electric control switch, to ensure that it is connected to the inverter;

6, the check is correct, the DC input of the inverter, the input air bypass switch, the inverter start, LCD display and light inverter open, then the AC output switch is turned on, the system can be run;


7, inverter for intelligent instruments, many of its functions are automatic control, not human operation;


System maintenance:


1, solar cell board, the photoelectric conversion efficiency test, maintenance;


2, steel support;


3, solar inverter maintenance;


4, equipment wiring and grounding inspection;


5, solar panels, solar panels maintenance procedures;


6, every half a month to carry out a solar cell panel cleaning work, photovoltaic panels are mainly to see whether the maintenance of solar power system and the battery pack is all the normal operation;


7, this includes check each of the solar panels and solar system lines and lines, each of which is the normal operation of photovoltaic panels;


8, check the color of photovoltaic panels, solar power battery, the connection, the template, the pressure mode glass, as well as the frame with no loose and destruction. The situation should be recorded in the maintenance / repair log. If there is any damage, replace it immediately or plan;


9, each can be cleaned on the surface of photovoltaic panels, so as to increase the power generation system. According to the actual situation in the field, the number of cleaning can be increased properly;


Steel support maintenance


Steel support maintenance is the main content to see whether there is steel bracket rust phenomenon, if any, is to get rid of the surface rust, then brush antirust paint; check the solar battery component mounting part is screw loosening, if any, should immediately tighten the screws.

 solar power plant

V, inverter maintenance:


1, determine the value of each parameter set to normal;


2, determine the device is in a state of readiness;


3, keep equipment clean, dry, keep indoor ventilation; away from the water, fire; do not put small metal items at the top of the instrument;


4, do not allow non professional personnel to open the device, the operation or parameter modification, because its dangerous for solar backup generator;


5. Please do not move during the work of the product;


6, the system error occurs, the solar inverter alarm, please check the system error causes, and timely investigation, and make records;


7, regular inspection system parameters and inspection records, if found abnormal phenomenon, find out the causes of abnormal, and the corresponding treatment; if the check is not abnormal, contact the relevant professional personnel to find, to avoid accidents, affecting the system use;


8, in the system maintenance, be sure to disconnect the solar battery, and then cut off the load;

 solar power generation

VI, the connection between the wire and the grounding equipment check


Check the electrical connection between devices is solid and ground is good, whether there is mounting part screw loose phenomenon, if immediately tighten the screws;


1, the operating personnel must be trained, performance parameters and operation conditions with various devices, can operate independently of the whole system, and familiar with the relevant knowledge of the strong;


2, operating personnel in the maintenance, must wear insulated gloves, the use of the operating tools for the regular manufacturers;


3, must ensure that the equipment room clean, dry, ventilation; can not be allowed to have flammable and explosive materials in the equipment room;


4, due to the system voltage of 380V, DC voltage of 500V, so to avoid non staff contact with the cable connector and power distribution equipment, especially minors;


5, can not be allowed to operate instruments, open the instrument, modify the instrument parameters, etc.;

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