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DIY Solar Automatic Tracking System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-14 16:38:22
In their own backyard erection of independent solar powered portable generator system, using a small array of home-made solar arrays, small batteries for continuous charging. However, he would have to manually move the solar panels every few hours to the best possible exposure to the sun. He later spent $ 15 on a traditional TV antenna rotator at a garage sale, and finally automated the process of manually adjusting the position of the solar panels.

The first thing that must be done is to build a fixed wooden frame that will keep the solar array at an optimal angle (34.6 degrees north latitude). This wood frame design itself is not particularly, mainly composed of 2x4 wood that can be disassembled for easy transport. This is because the designer in his studio in Florida to build, then have to be transported to the home in Arizona. Davis said in his DIY website, because this system only in a certain period of time in a year to use, so do not need to have a vertical angle adjustable function.

After the physical architecture is complete, the next step is to start the electronic system. His initial idea was to use the original motor controller, plus an external system to track, but later found to be not feasible - the original system design for occasional manual rotation adjustment angle, may not be able to directly respond to every day for Automatic rotation plan for several hours during the day.
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A new solar powered portable generator control system design was then carried out. Since he normally uses the MBED platform at work, he is happy to use it in this new system design. Using the MBED platform to design this system may sound like some Chifeng solar street lamp manufacturers overstocked, but because he has been very familiar with the platform, so can complete the design more quickly. At the same time, the platform is now seem too small, but also means that he can bring more room for development, so that he can further expand the system in the future or add other features, such as statistical records.

The MBED platform reads voltage from two vertically placed small PV cells and automatically rotates the angle before the voltage values of the two solar panels match. However, this integrated portable solar power generator system after moving to Arizona home, and can not be the same as in the Florida studio test operation. Because the Arizona sun is too strong and too bright, so the two solar panels at any angle when the gap is too small. Therefore, he added a small piece of metal between the two sensors, covering a shadow, in order to be able to form a larger angle of the output voltage gap.
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