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DC Energy Saving Lamps

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-29 17:16:38
Lighting is the basic living needs of the masses of farmers and herdsmen in the areas without electricity and power shortage in western China. Under the situation of relatively backward economy, low social civilization and relatively poor natural and geographical environment, lighting is fully utilized and the application of solar photovoltaic technology and The application of products to an effective solution to the basic needs of users of household electricity. Its comprehensive benefits very good, is undoubtedly the strategic preferred program. Solar powered portable generator for household DC power supply system with its simple structure, low failure rate, low price, easy to achieve the scale of popularization. But the DC system requires its load is the use of DC powered appliances, and household appliances in the DC products rarely, will inevitably form a DC lighting fixture products, so DC lighting has its particularity. In addition, because the current cost of photovoltaic power generation is relatively high, the requirements of the DC lighting must be energy efficient, self-protection function, durability, and long service life.

Usually used in the three-color energy-saving lamps need AC (frequency greater than 20KHz) light, so must use DC/AC inverter circuit to DC can be converted to AC power to use.

DC lighting by circuit can be divided into self-excited type and it excited two types of LED lighting is generally DC/DC circuit type; Energy-saving lamps require inverter circuit with high conversion efficiency, good job stability, simple circuit structure and other characteristics. DC lighting by structure type is divided into semi-industrial lamps (lamp pluggable) or lamps (lamp non-removable).
DC Energy Saving Lamps
DC-powered electronic ballasts

DC ballast for self - ballasted fluorescent lamps. Most of the products are used in power switching devices and pulse transformer or composite components of a square wave DC/AC inverter; its operating frequency is generally more than 20KHz. The self-ballasted fluorescent lamps in the DC-powered self-ballasted fluorescent lamp require high reliability and low self-loss.On the market many solar power generator support this DC energy-saving lamps.

In the DC-powered self-ballasted fluorescent lamp to be added in the soft-start device, if the filament without preheating and instantaneous start, it will lead to a large number of filament material sputtering, so that light-emitting material at both ends of the early black failure, shorten the lamp Service life. Therefore, DC-powered self-ballasted fluorescent lamps, soft-start device is essential. DC-powered self-ballasted fluorescent lamp soft-start device used in electronic devices and electronic circuits in different forms, their performance advantages and disadvantages, but its purpose is to achieve the preheat filament effect, and then high-voltage start, light tube.UFO Energy is the large portable solar power generator manufactuer which suppliy solar generator support this DC energy-saving lamps.

Double-tube self-excited inverter circuit works: inverter circuit using dual-tube self-excited inverter circuit, the output high-frequency, high voltage, quasi-sinusoidal AC. The circuit waveform is smoother, close to the sine wave, the circuit self-loss is small, the efficiency is higher than 80%. When the output is open, short circuit or reverse power supply when the circuit has a protection function. Fluorescent tubes connected to the output side, the parallel capacitor is a fluorescent tube built-in components, provided by the lamp manufacturer as a whole. Pregnant is the output transformer, positive feedback transformer.

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