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DC Module Photovoltaic System Structure

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-05 00:28:59
The idea of parallel multi-branch structure and the idea of AC modular structure are combined, some scholars put forward the DC module structure. The DC module structure is composed of a photovoltaic DC building module and a centralized inverter module. Photovoltaic DC building modules combine PV modules, high-gain converters and surface construction materials into a single, plug-and-play surface building element with photovoltaic power generation functions through rational design integration solar powered portable generator. The main function of the centralized inverter module is to invert a large number of DC power generated by the photovoltaic DC building module connected in parallel to the common DC bus into AC power and realize the function of grid connection. Meanwhile, the DC bus voltage is constant and the various PV DC building blocks are normal. Parallel operation.

The main feature of the DC module structure is that each photovoltaic DC building block has an independent circuit to ensure that each PV module is running at the maximum power point, to maximize the performance of PV modules, and the energy conversion efficiency is high; High resistance to local shadows and electrical component mismatch, suitable for use in buildings with different sizes, mounting orientations and angles solar powered portable generator. Modular design provides flexibility in system construction and flexibility in expansion of the system. And plug and play; easy to standardize, suitable for mass production, reduce system cost.
Master-slave structure is a new type of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system architecture, as shown in Figure 3-8, is also the trend of photovoltaic grid-connected system structure. It can dynamically determine the structure of photovoltaic grid-connected system in different external environments through the control group cooperative switch, in order to achieve the best photovoltaic energy utilization efficiency solar powered portable generator. In practical application, parallel multi-branch structure is more commonly used. Figure 3-7 is a half-bridge inverter based on parallel multi-branch circuit topology.

When the external light intensity is low, the control group co-switch so that all the PV modules or PV strings and a grid-connected inverter connected to form a centralized structure, thus overcoming the inverter light-load low efficiency. With the increasing light intensity, the group coordination switch will dynamically adjust the string structure of photovoltaic modules, so that different sizes of solar powered portable generator and the corresponding level of the inverter connected to achieve the best inversion efficiency string to improve the use of photovoltaic energy String, at this time, the system structure into a number of string-type structure at the same time and network output. Since the power level of such a string structure is dynamically adjusted via a group cooperative switch, and each string has a separate circuit for the elbow, a higher efficiency power output can be obtained.

In the string structure, PV modules in series constitute a photovoltaic array and grid-connected inverter directly connected, and centralized structure than the DC bus does not need. Due to the insulation voltage of photovoltaic components and power devices operating voltage limit, a string structure of the maximum output power is generally a few kilowatts. If the user needs more power, can be a number of string structure in parallel work, can be seen with string structure AC modular structure of the integrated module features solar power generator. String structure, there are still series power mismatch and series of multi-peak problem. Since each series array is equipped with a river control circuit, this structure can only ensure that the output of each PV module string reaches the current total maximum power point, and can not ensure that each PV module output at their maximum power point, and centralized Structure, compared to the utilization of PV modules greatly increased, but still lower than the AC modular structure. TAG: South Time Drones Tiger Devices Alta AES Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box