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Current Situation and Development Trend of Electrolyte for Lithium Ion Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 17:08:05
Market Overview

So far, the three major areas of electrolyte - energy storage batteries, power, 3C, the entire power battery market has been higher than the 3C market in 2015, China's power lithium battery production of 16.9GWH, an increase of more than 3 times 2016 in the first half, China's power lithium battery production is about 12.64GWH. Supporting the electrolyte, the output in 2015 is about 63,300 tons, the first half of 2016 has reached 3.97 million tons. Electrolyte is expected this year's production capacity will reach 89,000 tons. The price of electrolyte by lithium hexafluorophosphate very large changes in the development of lithium hexafluorophosphate in 2009, before the price of 400,000 yuan / ton, after the development of the price has been declining to the end of 2014 prices fell to 7,8 million about.

But in 2015, after the development of new energy vehicles, lithium hexafluorophosphate prices go up, the highest time to reach 450,000 yuan / ton, so the price of electrolyte fluctuation is very large. The second half of this year until next year, with the new lithium salt into the market, the market gradually open, the price of the electrolyte will decline.
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Status of Electrolyte

China's solvent production has far far to meet the needs of existing batteries, but with the battery energy density, safety density, consistency, capacity has yet to be further.. Development. Currently the most studied are some fluorine-containing solvents. Lithium salt in the next 10 years, lithium hexafluorophosphate is still the main lithium salt, although it is now studied a lot of lithium salt, lithium hexafluorophosphate hope to replace, but any kind of lithium salt has its fatal flaws, together or lithium hexafluorophosphate performance the best.

Additives, do not add the electrolyte can be said that there is no core of their own things, so with the electrolyte, including battery functional electrolyte development, additives, research and development is imperative. But the domestic is still in follow the state, what kind of additives we follow what we do, we should have their own new functional additives. At present, lithium hexafluorophosphate has been far meet the needs of the market, with the market after the development of lithium hexafluorophosphate prices will gradually decline. Additives as a whole meet existing requirements, including solvents,solar energy storage system but need to be further improved. At present the electrolyte has covered all the materials, including the voltage demand, the application of environmental needs, but there are still many problems in the middle, these problems still need to be gradually resolved.

The Development Trend of Electrolyte

The country's requirement for batteries is 300 watts / kg by 2020. Therefore, to improve the energy density of the battery is the future trend of development of the battery, the future trend of the electrolyte is also with the battery, improve energy density, security, consistency. Application of electrolyte technology to enhance the battery energy density and enhance the performance of the existing system of both, so we list the development trend of the battery after a series of issues to be addressed, such as with high voltage, high energy density electrolyte how to Group distribution, each enterprise has a different solution, the current solution is the application of additives and some new solvent to add.
At present we study some of the more new lithium salt, lithium salts in terms of the existing is considered more reliable, but the conductivity is very high, the battery still has some corrosion. Before the electrolyte is more to meet the needs of 3C market, with the development of power battery, the previous electrolyte plant and battery factory integration is not very good, and packaging and transportation can not meet the needs of existing batteries, such as Now the battery power density is relatively large, relatively high energy density, and the consistency is very high, far from the basic needs of 3C batteries, which appeared in the middle of a contradiction.

First, the electrolyte production enterprises need some high degree of automation, intelligent equipment to ensure higher electrolyte consistency. Second, the transport process to meet the needs of the lifepo4 battery pack. In fact, sometimes the electrolyte is affected by the temperature is very large, as the existing solvent terms, temperature, melting point and the negative point, affected by temperature is relatively large, so transport to the manufacturer may have caused the uneven or inconsistent. 3C market, after all, small quantities, bulk, with the development of new energy vehicle market, power battery demand is very large, we need to stand higher, to meet the new energy vehicles, the perspective of the automotive electrolyte needs , The electrolyte will have a new understanding. So the proposed consolidation of the industry, the existing electrolyte plant and battery factory must be integrated together in order to better meet the new energy vehicles on the battery needs.
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