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Copper Foil Will Maintain In Short Supply

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-17 13:59:50

Copper foil is an important raw material of lithium batteries and lifepo4 battery pack, industry experts predict that 2017 copper foil gap will be further expanded, especially lithium copper foil gap or reach 1000 tons / month, 2017-2018 copper foil foil will continue to maintain the situation in short supply, until 2019 lithium-copper foil enterprises to complete a new round of capacity expansion, the supply situation or from shortage to excess.

New energy vehicles, electric vehicle batteries, copper foil is an important raw material for lithium batteries, lithium foil foil in short supply, Lingbao Huaxin investment 2.8 billion, 40,000 tons of lithium battery public copper project.
Copper Foil Will Maintain In Short Supply
Benefit from the past two years, new energy vehicles and solar power batteries industry, the rapid development of the market demand for copper increased substantially. January 12, 2017, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released the latest data show that in 2016 China's new energy vehicles produced a total of 517,000, sales 507,000, respectively, over the previous year grew 51.7% and 53%. The rapid development of new energy vehicles to promote the demand for power lithium batteries increased, thereby boosting the substantial growth in demand for copper foil.

In 2016 the actual production capacity of lithium foil in China is about 36,000 tons / year, by the end of 2016 by the end of 2016 to achieve the production capacity of about 40,000 tons / year, while the market demand for lithium foil or will reach 5 Million tons. The market demand for lithium copper foil is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of over 20%, especially in the field of power batteries, lithium copper foil annual growth rate is expected to exceed 50%.

Due to the existence of rigid demand for lithium foil gap, but the production is still far from keeping up with the pace of prices, the supply situation also makes lithium copper foil processing costs continue to rise. It is reported that lithium copper foil processing fees have become 40,000-45,000 yuan / ton, only the processing fee constitutes a large part of the cost of lithium foil. Processing costs rising lithium-copper production enterprises to significantly improve profits, the industry estimates, lithium-copper single-ton net profit from 2016 at the beginning of 05,000 yuan / ton has risen to 2016 in the third quarter of 13,000 yuan / ton .

Since the copper foil is so short, why is the industry unhappy to grab production? Copper foil expansion is not a simple money into the money. Lithium copper foil production equipment is expensive, the procurement time is long, the limit operating rate is low, the investment payback period is longer, the enterprise funds pressure; In addition, because the lithium copper foil in the lithium copper foil, Production process requires the use of sulfuric acid and copper sulfate solution and produce large amounts of waste water, so in addition to demanding environmental protection equipment, the EIA approval is also particularly stringent at the same time, lithium copper foil production process requirements are significantly higher than the electronic copper foil production, There are ultra-thin requirements, the need to meet a lot of technical characteristics, processing more difficult.
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This projection, even now from the beginning to expand the production of lithium foil, but also to wait until 2019 to complete capacity expansion, when the supply situation is likely to shift from a shortage of surplus.

Although the expansion is so difficult, but a good demand outlook and rising processing costs also contributed to a part of the lithium-copper enterprises to build or expansion.

Jia Yuan Science and Technology announced on January 10, the company decided to invest 460 million yuan to build 10,000 tons / year of new energy power battery with high-performance copper foil technological transformation projects. The construction period is from September 2016 to December 2017. The construction capacity of the second phase is 3,500 tons / year. The total capacity of the second phase is 3,500 tons / year, with a total investment of 280 million yuan. A total investment of 180 million yuan, construction time from January 2017 to December 2018.

Recently, a total investment of 1.585 billion yuan from Tongling building an annual output of 20,000 tons of lithium copper foil project officially signed the project in two phases of construction, a fourth quarter of this year to start construction, is expected to put into operation in June 2018. After the completion of the project, the products are mainly used in the upstream of the new energy automobile industry - the raw materials of new energy batteries. The project is undergoing preliminary preparation work such as environmental evaluation, exploration, planning and design and registration of new companies.

In addition, in February 2016, Lingbao Huaxin investment 2.8 billion "40,000 tons of lithium battery public copper project" successfully approved; June 16, 2016, Qinghai Nordisk New Materials Co., Ltd. invested 2.4 billion yuan in construction In August 2016, Anhui Copper Crown Copper Company "15,000 tons / year high-precision special electronic copper foil expansion project (Phase I of the second phase of the" ) Began construction ".

As for the domestic enterprises to expand these capacity when to ease the lithium copper foil "thirsty", Nuo Deguang, chairman of the steel that lithium copper foil a large number of new capacity release estimated to 2018 in the first half, when the market demand to see the supply and demand Situation, but according to market forecasts of the growth of new energy vehicles, it is estimated difficult to alleviate.

2016 end of the new new energy vehicles subsidy policy will be substantially reduced subsidies, new energy vehicles will subsidize the pressure will be transferred to the upstream slope of the power battery manufacturers, power battery pack prices will be forced to gradually decline, and power battery upstream Raw material prices will rise in copper foil battery manufacturers to bring greater pressure, this pressure will continue until 2018.
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