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Competitive Price For Energy Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-05 14:00:39
The lithium titanate battery a lot of controversy. But Wang Jianlin optimistic optimistic about the energy storage prospects of Silver Long.

In the December 15 forum, he said that the real estate electricity consumption accounts for about 50% of the future for energy storage also has a great demand, Wanda has done this attempt, but the effect is not good . Wang Jianlin said: "I hope Zhuhai Silver Long can do a little commercial." Wang Jianlin even think that if the portable solar power generator energy storage market into the outbreak phase, Zhuhai silver valuation will double.
Competitive Price For Energy Storage
Dong Mingzhu also in the October 28 shareholders meeting, said: "The real investors, will give their hands in favor (acquisition), to stand up in favor. Do not buy, immediately following the short board, smart appliances How to do? After all the electrical appliances connected with the city power grid connected to a series of issues are placed in this. "Although the capital increase is only Dong Mingzhu personal behavior.

Previously, Wei Yincang also revealed that Zhuhai Yinlong won the bid and the commitment to the South Grid "863" lithium titanate storage projects and national grid scenery energy storage demonstration projects.
Competitive Price For Energy Storage
But also back to the cost and energy density of lithium titanate, the low energy density means that energy storage is also low. Yang Yusheng told omnipotence, energy storage is the direction of development, but depends on how long to recover the cost.

In 2016 the all-powerful energy summit, the Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance Chairman Yu Zhenhua mentioned that the fastest growing energy storage technology is LFP battery and lead-acid battery, the future of all new technologies, depending on whether it is Prospects, basically with these two mainstream technology to make a comparison, if they have the mainstream technology does not have the characteristics, then this is the future prospects of technology. If not as mainstream competitive technology cost, that this technology is not suitable for everyone to do investment.


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