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Common problems and Countermeasures of photovoltaic power generation system

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-17 17:30:58

1 photovoltaic power generation is radiation, pollution?


Answer: electricity experts said: "at present, from the perspective of operation, photovoltaic power generation is no radiation and pollution. But there will be battery and noise problems. The electronic equipment can be noisy at run time, but in the controllable range. Cell phone, camera batteries, such as a small dose of radiation, but will not be a big problem." Photovoltaic solar power battery board recycling is mainly to see its radiation. If it is crystalline silicon solar battery recycling is not too many sources of pollution, the same, amorphous silicon photovoltaic solar energy products, mainly to see what kind of materials to choose from. "Some inert materials are better, less toxic."

 solar power battery

2 winter cold weather whether lack of power?


Answer: the power generation capacity of photovoltaic system is indeed affected by the temperature, the direct impact of the factors of the power generation is the radiation intensity and the length of the sunshine and the working temperature of the solar cell. In winter, it is inevitable that the intensity of radiation will be weak, the daily time will be short, the average power generation will be less than the summer, this is a very normal phenomenon. Distributed PV system connected with the grid, as long as the power grid, home load will not appear in the case of insufficient power and power outages.


3 distributed photovoltaic power generation system application scope and installation method?


Answer: distributed solar power generator system can be installed in any place of the sun, including ground, building top, side facade, balcony, in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, villas, factories, enterprises and residents, roof, carport, bus stop at the top of the most widely used; concrete, tile, color steel plate three types of installation.


4 how to consider the effect of load on PV arrays and buildings when installing a distributed PV system?


Answer: from the perspective of security and stability, the design needs to consider the effects of permanent load, wind load, snow load, temperature load on PV arrays and buildings, to ensure that the PV modules. Enough strength and stiffness to resist the local extreme weather. Prior to the installation of distributed system, the load capacity of the building should be investigated, calculated and checked, in the premise of ensuring the building to meet the load, design a reasonable installation and construction program.


5 distributed photovoltaic power generation subsidy funds issued to the owners by what way?

Answer: photovoltaic power generation project can be built by the power users, but also can be used to manage the contract energy. Contract energy management enterprise should sign energy service agreement with electric power users according to the country's energy management and so on.


For PV power user self photovoltaic system to do the transaction, to use PV power project owners installed in other power users on the roof of the settlement by the project owners and power users in accordance with the contract energy management protocol. For excess photovoltaic power consumption by the power grid enterprises are responsible for the measurement, statistics, photovoltaic system all power generation can be obtained national electricity quota subsidies. Power grid enterprises in accordance with the provisions of the state electricity subsidies in accordance with the provisions of the state electricity subsidies in accordance with the provisions of the state subsidies in accordance with the provisions of the state subsidies.

6 after the installation of continuous rain or fog and haze, photovoltaic power generation system will work? Will power shortage or power failure?


Answer: if the PV module can also stroll under the light power, but due to continuous rain or fog and haze, solar irradiance is low, the working voltage of the solar backup generator system if not up to the starting voltage of the inverter, then the system will not work. Integration of distributed photovoltaic power generation system and the distribution network is running in parallel, when the photovoltaic system can not meet the load demand or because of the overcast instead of working, the electric network will automatically add over, lack of power and the power problem does not exist.


7 distributed PV will not affect the power quality?


Answer: power quality is the quality of power system, the main indicators of measuring power quality are voltage, frequency and waveform. The main components for the conversion of AC / DC system inverter, inverter power can be put into use after testing the quality of qualified; photovoltaic power generation system output power, warned the national grid after acceptance into the grid. So the distributed photovoltaic system will not affect the quality of power.

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