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Commercial Development For Battery Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-05-08 10:07:10
Usually, the battery storage performance will increase with the number of charge and discharge decline, the user will face the problem of lack of battery life. March 22, 2017, the field of electric vehicles pilot Tesla announced their breakthrough in the field of power batteries results. Tesla chief battery scientist Kurt Kelty and technical research and development partner Jeff Dahn of Dalhousie University, Canada, delivered a speech at the International Battery Symposium and Exhibition, indicating that the Tesla Model 3 was only 5% after 480,000 km of capacity. Increasing the chemical composition of the NMC ternary lithium battery can limit the amount of harmful gases generated when the battery is operated at high pressure, and this improved cell can still have excellent performance after more than 1200 cycles. To 20,000 km / year, the general driving for 80 consecutive years in order to retire a Tesla car. The new technology has been commercialized and used in Tesla products, and is expected to be the Model 3 sedan scheduled for release in July.

For all the battery industry, this is a really exciting news. Fuel vehicles and electric cars compared to which more future is self-evident. Long battery life and energy attenuation of the battery problem can be resolved, the electric car market capacity is only a matter of time.
Commercial Development For Battery Storage
Electric car production and application market is the energy industry successfully commercialized, to achieve rapid development of one of the performance. According to incomplete statistics, China's low-speed electric car production and sales in 2015 about 700,000, 2016 reached 1.2 million. From the development of electric vehicles and solar power batteries technology level, low-speed electric vehicles will be the last decade of China's electric car market development mainstream, but also the next decade after the new energy automotive industry an important supplement.

The technical innovation in the field of batteries has also shown all possibilities to the energy storage industry. Last year, Huawei's Central Research Institute Watt Labs at the 57th Japan Battery Conference announced in the field of lithium-ion battery to achieve a major breakthrough in research, introduced the industry's first high-temperature long-life graphene lithium-ion battery. Experimental results show that the new high-temperature technology based on graphene can increase the use of lithium-ion battery temperature 10 ℃, the life of ordinary lithium-ion battery is 2 times. According to the National Bureau of Statistics recently released data, 2017 January to February, China's cumulative production of lithium-ion batteries was 114.44 million, the average monthly yield of 57242 million.
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