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Clean Energy Proportion Continues To Rise

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-18 13:05:56
January 16, the State Power Investment Corporation (the "National Electricity Investment") 16, held in Beijing in 2017 working meeting.

State Electricity Investment Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Binghua said that 2016 is the national electricity after the reorganization of the first full year of work, but also "13 5" overtaking the first year. Over the past year, the National Electric Power Investment tightly around the "corner overtaking" the development of the main tone and overall goals, laying the foundation, do a good job board system and mechanism construction; the direction of the Group's reform and development of top-level design; Management and development of major decisions to achieve the "13th Five-Year" a good start, and in modern corporate governance has taken an important step.
Clean Energy Proportion Continues To Rise
Wang Binghua pointed out that the face of intricate external environment, the state power to maintain strategic unswerving, around the "clean energy development-oriented, with advanced energy technology innovation-driven to state-owned capital investment company for the direction of" strategic thinking, In the transformation and development, reform and innovation continued to force, to achieve overtaking corner. First, deepen the structural layout adjustment, accelerate the strategic transformation of modern integrated energy service providers; Second, adhere to the direction of state-owned capital investment companies to accelerate the construction of modern state-owned enterprises; Third, strengthen the role of scientific and technological innovation to create the central enterprises innovation heights.

Wang Binghua stressed that in 2017, the State Power to implement the 18th and 18th Sixth Plenary Session, the Central Economic Work Conference, the central enterprises in charge of the spirit of the meeting, closely around the national stability and progress of the overall tone, firmly Grasp the development strategy of the Group focus on the implementation of the Group of the "13th Five-Year Plan" and "40 deepening reform" as the main line in the transformation and development, reform and innovation in key areas to achieve substantive breakthroughs in long-term fundamental work To further enhance the advantages of doing excellent, the short board filled, go all out to complete the annual business development tasks, and strive to push the new car overtaking made new progress, with outstanding achievements to meet the victory of the party held the nineteenth. To focus on nuclear power, heavy-duty gas turbine, integrated wisdom and energy distribution, cross-border business development, asset market, production safety, group control, talent development, pay reform and information of ten work for the group's growth, Stability as a contribution.

State Power Investment Board of Directors, general manager, deputy party secretary Meng Zhenping made at the meeting entitled "adhere to steady progress, focusing on breakthroughs to enhance, to become the solar power batteries energy industry leader" report.

The report shows that in 2016, by the energy structure and industrial structure advantages of the advantages of support, the State Power Investment annual profit of 13.21 billion yuan, net profit of 8.76 billion yuan, profits and net profit leapt to the upper reaches of the industry, a comprehensive overfulfil SASAC assessment objectives, the party and state leaders have been fully affirmed.
Clean Energy Proportion Continues To Rise
Further improve the quality of business. Total assets of 886.1 billion yuan, the debt ratio fell further, the annual electricity generation of 396.9 billion kwh, an increase of 4.24%. Power supply coal consumption fell 2.6 grams, the stock of "two gold" 72% of the pressure drop, capital concentration has a new increase. Actively promote and implement the supply side of the structural reform, disposal of "zombie enterprises" and 12 poor enterprises, asset quality and further consolidate. By Moody's, Fitch and Standard & Poor's three international rating agencies Class A rating, ranking the highest level with the industry.

Clean energy proportion continues to rise. As of the end of 2016, the total installed capacity of national power to reach 117 million kilowatts, the proportion of clean energy reached 42.9%, continue to maintain the leading group of five power generation, PV installed capacity in the world.
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