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Clean Energy Power Plant In Santiago

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-01 19:28:35
The country's largest portable solar power generator battery energy storage facilities under construction in Escondido - this is from fuel burning power plant to a part of clean energy.
Clean Energy Power Plant In Santiago
Santiago GasElectric company has contracted 1.5 acres in Escondido, the company has 30 MW of lithium ion array. In the industrial park has a substation, which is located in the southwest corner of the intersection of SR-15 and highway 78 (second 7.5 MW storage plant is El Cajon).

The facility will consist of 24 lithium-ion battery packs, each capable of accommodating up to 1.25 mw.

Christie Irig (Christy Ihrig) SDG & E spokesman said: "we expect to finish the work at the end of January or early 2017.

"Thirty MW is enough electricity for about 20 thousand households, up to four hours. The battery array will allow power companies to store energy during non peak hours, and then circulate during high demand periods, including many in the evening, when they begin to open everything, she said.
Clean Energy Power Plant In Santiago
Based on Virginia's AES storage makes the battery a cleaner, less costly approach, rather than using a "peaking power plant" - a power plant that ignites or fires during peak demand times. According to the solar power batteries manufacturer, the storage cost is lower than the peak power.

"This is a more flexible and reliable system that allows us to store energy from clean sources such as solar and wind energy," Ihrig said. Peak demand time does not comply with clean energy peak production time. A container in a temperature and humidity controlled container that looks like a container from a semi-trailer to a ship. But the container filled with safety function and high tech software monitors and padlock.

Ace in September approved the project, according to city records. Because there is already a substation on the site, and in an area designated for heavy industrial use, the application of the city does not face any serious challenges. According to the document, no one is concerned or opposed around the warehouse.

In 2013, the California public utilities commission ordered SDG & E, Pacific Gas and electric company and SoCal Edison to create energy storage facilities. The goal was that California's three largest electricity supplier would be able to store up to 1325 megawatts of electricity by 2020.
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The Ministry of sustainable development in October 2014 made a request for advice and chose AES to build the project this year.
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