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Clean Energy In Kazakhstan

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-12-05 11:29:58
On November 30th, local time, the handover ceremony of the 1MW solar power station and the 5MW wind power station undertaken by the Chinese government and CITIC Construction Co., Ltd. was held in Almaty, southern Kazakhstan. The project will play an active role in improving the level of cooperation between China and Kazakhstan in the field of renewable energy and promoting and promoting clean energy in Kazakhstan.
Clean Energy In Kazakhstan
Li Jianhui, general manager of CITIC's Eastern Europe and CIS business unit, said at the ceremony that this is a demonstration project for cooperation between China and Kazakhstan in the field of new energy. CITIC Construction actively responded to the “Belt and Road Initiative” and participated in the new “Bright Road” economy. Policy construction has undertaken several large-scale projects in the local area. During the construction of solar power generation solar energy and wind energy projects, the construction personnel overcame the actual difficulties such as bad weather, short construction period and lack of local technicians, completed the construction in advance, and passed the performance appraisal and completion acceptance of the project owner and the Chinese organization respectively.

The development and use of clean energy is in line with Kazakhstan’s development vision. The chairman of Kazakhstan's Sam Ruk Energy Co., Ltd., Rulamanov, said that the Kazakhstan government attaches great importance to the use of renewable energy and has set a target of increasing the proportion of renewable energy in the national energy consumption to 30% by 2030. . China's aided wind and solar projects are of great significance to improving the level of cooperation between Kazakhstan and China in the field of renewable energy and promoting renewable energy in the local area.
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