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China's high-speed rail is expected to enter the lithium battery era

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-28 13:59:07

High-speed rail is synonymous with tall, high-speed rail application of lithium batteries in the significance of what? What is the role for Lithium batteries in the high-speed rail?


In fact, although high-speed rail trains are generally powered by the grid, they require a backup power source. Low-voltage power supply for the vehicle system components. Such as the sudden power grid when the interior lighting, air conditioning, etc., when the train starts charging bow movements and so on.

 high-speed rail is expected to enter the lithium battery era

Compared with the current nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium batteries, whether in environmental performance, technical performance, convenience and performance are very dominant. The future, high-speed rail is expected to enter the lithium battery era, which is including LiFePO4 battery pack.


August 12, from Beijing to Shenzhen North of the G79 high-speed rail power failure occurred in the vicinity of Handan station for nearly 2 hours, thousands of passengers trapped in nearly 40 degrees high temperature inside the compartment. Due to high temperature, many people have physical discomfort.


High-speed rail failure is not a case of stagnation. According to incomplete statistics have been reported, only 2016, has occurred since the 12 high-speed rail failure late events, of which 4 caused by power grid problems.


"Train design proposed to increase the number of smaller power emergency power supply, but also can buy some emergency use of the reserves of fans." Said Professor Sun Zhang, Professor of Railway and Urban Rail Transit, Tongji University, so solar powered portable generator is important for people when go outside.


In fact, with excellent overall performance, lithium battery has entered the field of vision of high-speed rail applications, after the car in the home-made standard off-line ceremony, the North car Changchun Railway Passenger car - "Tu Hao Gold" is used lithium battery.


It is understood that the "Tu Hao" on the installation of the battery pack each battery capacity 200Ah; nominal voltage 110V. The whole train a total of 4 sets of battery pack. The initial joint debugging has been completed in Changchun. Follow-up in the ring iron test base into the general test run and related experiments. Vehicle experiment is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.


Changchun railway passenger cars and Qingdao Sifang plant on behalf of their North-South car high specifications, overall planning a standard. North and South car battery box can be quickly interchangeable. Lithium battery and nickel-cadmium battery installation box and external interface.


The industry pointed out that this Changchun rail passenger car "Tu Hao" lithium battery pool will be with the South car Quartet Ni-Cr battery on the operating parameters were compared, the current experiments are still tension in the Iron Institute.

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