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China's Strongest Military Solar Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Solution

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 11:53:31

As a result of the high altitude long voyage flight and has a very broad application prospects, making solar power generator of UAV can provide a new situational awareness, information relay platform. Solar powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), powered by solar energy, have long life, high cruise altitude, permanent residence, continuous maneuverability and the ability to land, repair and change payloads at any time.


November 1, the Eleventh China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (referred to as China Air Show) in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, a grand opening. More than 700 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. In addition to shipbuilding and nuclear industry, there are 8 units in China's 12 largest military industrial enterprises participating in the exhibition, all kinds of advanced equipment, new products and new technologies. .


This is one of the two particularly eye-catching "star", can be described as "Rainbow" series of unmanned aerial vehicles and "green" type of solar unmanned aerial vehicles.


Rainbow -5 unmanned aerial vehicle


Solar UAV


Ground effect air - cushion composite ship

As the "rainbow" family in the most dazzling a new member, "Rainbow -5" not only by the enthusiastic pursuit of military fans, also attracted many domestic and foreign exhibitors are widespread concern.

"Rainbow -5" design concept positioning in the "big loading capacity, long flight, multi-purpose" to meet the international and domestic users increasing demand for diversification, but also pay attention to the use of reliability and economy, Enhance product cost performance.

Wingspan of more than 20 meters, "Rainbow -5", with a load, long flight, long range of significant advantages. And suitable for hanging a variety of weapons, highly flexible.

Compared with the US Predator B UAV, Rainbow-5 has a comparable payload efficiency, but because Rainbow-5 uses a piston engine and Predator B uses a turboprop engine, "Rainbow -5" fuel consumption and flight time is better than the other, the future use of heavy oil engine, the "Rainbow -5" flight will be close to "Predator B" twice.

It is understood that the "Rainbow -5" performance characteristics: First, the high-altitude long-range wide-area reconnaissance surveillance. You can also mount high-definition optical reconnaissance payload and synthetic aperture radar, high and low, long-range combination reconnaissance. Through the synthetic aperture radar can be hundreds of kilometers to achieve all-weather high-altitude long-range wide-area reconnaissance, high-definition optical reconnaissance load can suspicious areas of low-altitude close-range fine reconnaissance, the final target identification, location, Pickups, tanks, ships and other low-speed moving targets can lock the track. It through solar generator to storage energy.

Second, the large mount capacity, a maximum load of 16 rounds. "Rainbow -5" wing design has six hanging points, the maximum design load of 1,000 kilograms. Among them, the inside of the four hanging points with 4 mounted pylons, one can mount 16 50 kg class ground attack missiles or guided bombs, can destroy a tank with a one-time.

Not only that, according to the different combat objects, users can also free with 50 kg, 100 kg and 200 kg class of multi-type surface missiles or bombs.

In addition, "Rainbow -5" through the airborne satellite data link, to achieve BVR operations, command and control personnel in the ground station, just a click of the mouse, you can "win in a thousand miles away" to achieve 2000 kg Ground or sea target that is, that is, well-deserved "heavy sniper."


Finally, the use of wide, it produce power through solar backup generator. "Rainbow -5" can not only be used for civil aviation measurement and maritime patrol search and rescue and other civilian areas, but also equipped with electronic warfare integrated system, the implementation of communications reconnaissance interference, radar reconnaissance interference and other tasks, enemy air defense radar, air defense missiles, , To support, cover our plane penetration and implementation of ground attack.

In addition to the ability to mount high-definition optical reconnaissance payloads and synthetic aperture radar, Rainbow-5 can mount more volume and weight-intensive mission loads than mid-range Function of the sea radar, all types of electronic warfare equipment and other loads, different levels of weapons of different purposes, which can greatly improve their detection range and combat effectiveness, as well as the ability to respond to diversified combat missions.


The future, "Rainbow -5" is expected to achieve with the "Rainbow -4" "Rainbow -3" with high and low, the implementation of different levels of combat missions, or formation use. This has been purchasing "Rainbow" series of unmanned aircraft in terms of countries, is undoubtedly a shortcut to quickly enhance combat effectiveness.

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