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China's Lithium-Ion Battery Materials Industry Exceeded In South Korea

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 08:21:40

China lithium ion battery materials industry is entering a period of rapid development, the electric car is the future direction of the automobile industry, the industry is expected that China's lithium-ion battery materials industry in South Korea exceeded the target share.

According to global market research company "B3" 21, he said that in 2015, mobile phones and IT with a lifepo4 batteries industry accumulated production reached 5.072 billion cell, compared with the previous year (4.76 billion cell) increased by 7.8%.

With backup battery electric buses and the popularity of the lithium-ion battery industry is undoubtedly a new impetus in the new energy market in the forefront of the global. It is reported that the lithium-ion battery is a secondary battery (rechargeable batteries), which mainly relies on lithium ions to move to work in between positive and negative electrodes. Batteries generally use lithium-containing material as the electrode element, it is the representative of modern high-performance batteries.

By company points, last year, South Korea's Samsung SDI in a lithium ion battery industry market share of 25.2%, the output reached 1.278 billion cell, ranks first in the world. LG Chem (860 million cell) lithium-ion battery industry market share of 17%, ranked second.

Followed by Japan's Matsushita to share 14.7% (744 million cell) ranked third, China ATL to share 11.4% (580 million cell) ranked fourth, Japan's Sony to 8.5% (433 million cell) ranked fifth .

Industry analysts said the original portable solar power generator in China, TV, TV screens, mobile phones, semiconductors and other IT technology is relatively backward in South Korea and Japan, but China recently exceeded Japan's lithium-ion battery industry, is threatening South Korea. China lithium carbonate prices have continued to trend up, related to lithium-ion battery industry once again strong.
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