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China 's Solar Photovoltaic Industry Should Increase the Standard to Expand Exports

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-01 00:49:49

Over the past decade, China's solar power generator industry experienced a roller coaster-type ups and downs. 2012 years before the six or seven years, the industry's production capacity, profits are showing rapid growth momentum in 2010 and 2011 average annual growth rate of 105% and 35%. 2012 Spring Festival just after the whole industry will be caught in the EU, the United States initiated anti-dumping, countervailing investigation of the dilemma, the rapid decline in market demand, the profit level is cut.

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However, the plight of the will temper, the crisis pregnant with the opportunity, in recent years, solar photovoltaic enterprises to participate in international and domestic standards by leading to reduce the low-end production capacity, fill the high-end products short board, industry profits tend to normal levels.


"Ding Yongsi pain, we can no longer use small profits but quick turnover means, it is time to reduce the low-end production capacity." Zhuhai Industrial Construction Technology Co., Ltd. Deng Xin, chief engineer, said the EU, the United States an anti-dumping, countervailing investigation on the decision to levy Chinese enterprises 35 % Of the anti-dumping duties, 25% of the countervailing duty, the erosion of profits exhausted, and bring huge losses.


"At the beginning, do not know which direction to reform, but vaguely feel to raise the threshold of the standard, the production of domestic and foreign much-needed high-end products." Green Green Energy Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager and chief engineer Li Huiling said, with solar energy Photovoltaic glass sub-standard of cooperation, the development of high-end products on the technical standards, blocking the imitation of domestic enterprises.


It is reported that since 2015, the National Technical Standards Committee of solar photovoltaic glass subcommittee, led or involved in the member companies, the development of the solar photovoltaic industry, two international standards, three domestic standards, the project has four international standards. The Committee was established in 2008, there are 33 members, four consultants, of which 28 members of the business representatives.


"The primary purpose of the standard is to unify the product specifications of the enterprise to reduce the resistance of exports." China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. Chengdu Jiang Wei said that the domestic market is almost saturated, and some provinces in the western region promotion rate of 25% , Can be grid-connected power generation.


According to China PV network statistics, in 2016, China's solar photovoltaic installed capacity of 1.688 billion watts, has Xiongguan the world. However, the installed capacity of the entire industry capacity of about 50 billion watts, is the current capacity of 30 times, almost to meet the global PV market demand. If install solar power system, we can take lifepo4 battery pack with BMS together.


Faced with the situation of market demand is saturated, a number of solar photovoltaic business conservative thinking, low atmosphere may spread in the industry.


"Now the information between enterprises is very poor, between the production technology, recycling technology are highly confidential." Bengbu Jiang Yang, vice president of Glass Industry Design and Analysis, confidentiality, while maintaining the leading position, but significantly reduced the new technology to become The possibility of new standards.


"For example, in the 'building glass - building photovoltaic modules with general technical requirements for the recovery of ISO / TC160 international standards' on the development, according to previous research, there are several companies to master the difficult Si components, P component recovery Technology, is still outside the claim that 'there is no standard technology'. "Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology senior researcher Yang Ge said that the purpose of this is to paralyze opponents, hinder the standard-setting process, it can not tell the outside products have reached the standard. The next time a foreign government could use this as an excuse to initiate a new investigation.


Enterprises can not taste the sweetness of the standard, the return to the original conservative state, but should continue to maintain the pace of coordinated operations, on the one hand to low-end production capacity, on the one hand to strengthen export strength.


"Suntech bankruptcy reorganization, Yingli Group into financial difficulties, have a strong stimulus to us." Li Huiling, chief engineer, said that if the enterprises are all self-righteous, separate action, the future pressure of foreign investigation will be more and more.

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"The solar photovoltaic industry has been listed for more than a decade in a row overcapacity industry list, combined with local government intervention, the photovoltaic business innovation management ideas are not many." National Development and Reform Commission official said, abolish the backward development of enterprises is one of the ideas important task. Now lifepo4 batteries join in the solar system to provide power for PV system.


October 20, 2016, the National Technical Standards Committee of solar photovoltaic glass sub-committee held in Shenzhen in 2016 annual meeting, Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology researcher Yang Ge sub-standard committee on behalf of the report. He said that the more complex the situation of photovoltaic industry, third-party professional and technical institutions to guide enterprises to participate more quickly to the tide of the standard-setting, the unswerving push forward the standard strategy. Although the domestic market tends to saturation, but the future of the Asia-Pacific market is still optimistic about the PV companies through strategic reorganization, out of low-end production capacity, enhance innovation and vitality, strengthen their own management and use of technology change the standard approach will be greatly improved, To achieve Phoenix Nirvana
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