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China power grid energy storage battery Engineering

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-22 11:40:15

China's power grid size, power generation, wind power and photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources are ranked first in the world, but the solar power battery capacity of the United States is less 1/10. National scenery storage and transmission demonstration project (national grid), Baoqing energy storage power station project, etc., have achieved good operating results, a large number of building energy storage battery will be one of the trends of China's power grid development. 


At present, China has a total of 60 power grid storage battery engineering, in 53, built in 4, has been signed or announced 3. According to the technical point of view, all 60 projects in 50 is used in lithium battery technology, the total capacity of 58 megawatts, occupies the dominant position, of which 45 (or 90%) engineering is used in lithium iron phosphate technology, the total capacity of 51 mw. In the United States and Japan, lithium battery is the most widely used power grid energy storage battery technology, the share is about 50%.

energy storage 

Who is the future potential stock


Although the total amount of the current electric car is not high, but the future of electric vehicles equipped with power batteries will not only change the current situation of traffic, but also may be used as a mobile storage battery to interact with the grid.


At present, the power battery market mainly has lead acid battery, nickel hydrogen battery, lithium ion battery and so on. Among them, the lead-acid battery technology for lower energy density, self discharge rate is high, generally used in low speed and short city vehicles, cannot be applied to electric vehicles more than 80 kilometers per hour; NiMH batteries due to high production costs, self discharge rate is higher, mainly used for hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles are seldom used in lithium; because the battery specific energy and high power, wide working temperature range, the advantages of self discharge and long life cycle has become the mainstream of the car battery. The Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) in the United States believes that power lithium battery such as lifepo4 battery pack is by far the most able to meet the development of electric vehicles in the mid and long term development goals, is the future of the most worth investing in battery technology.


Global lithium battery market TOP10


Whether it is power grid storage battery or car power battery, lithium battery will be the future of the most important technology options.


Lithium battery with lithium or lithium metal alloy as anode material, the current mainstream technology of lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, nickel cobalt aluminum, nickel cobalt manganese, lithium iron phosphate as cathode material, the latter three is mainly used for electric vehicle manufacturers on behalf of Tesla, BAIC and BYD respectively.


At present, the global lithium battery like lifepo4 batteries market is mainly occupied by Japan, South Korea and china. 2014 global top ten battery companies accounted for 67% of the world's output, which, South Korea's Samsung SDI and LG chemical together accounted for 27%, Japan's total of 21% and SONY accounted for, China's largest five companies accounted for 16% of total. From the enterprise point of view, the top six are Samsung SDI,, LG chemical, SONY, ATL and BYD, the market share is 15%, 14%, 11%, 11%, 7% and 4%.


Power battery industry is still in the initial stage of development, the competitive landscape is very unstable, with the rapid development of electric vehicles in the future of the company's market share will be a big change. In particular, as Apple's high-quality suppliers of ATL and industrial layout complete BYD is expected to challenge the leading position of Japan and South korea.

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