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China's energy storage market investment scale or up to 400 billion

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 14:01:52

Internal force, energy storage industry makes the development of the industry in the state.


We think that the energy storage industry development the key driving force is in the power generation side, energy storage can be considered as the premise of renewable and distributed energy storage of large scale grid, if not developed, more centralized and distributed wind and solar energy of solar power generator will be difficult to be real use.


Two, the energy storage industry rich business model and the resulting larger market size makes the industry has a certain investment value.


We believe that the future of the energy storage industry business model is more abundant:


"2014 energy storage industry research white paper" is expected in 2020 China's storage market size will reach 136.97GW. According to 3 yuan /W calculation, the size of the energy storage market is expected to reach 400 billion yuan. Forecast of the market size mainly for energy storage equipment, the energy storage control system, energy management program and data revenues are not included in the size of the market, because of the energy storage control management system, energy management scheme and the data of the income generated by the size of the market more imagination, the author thinks that the storage industry have a certain investment value.


Three, the energy storage such as solar backup generator industry needs to span the main obstacles to the policy, technology and cost, but we believe that these barriers are more moderate difficulty across.

 solar energy

The storage industry's business model and market size prediction is our future development of the energy storage industry expected. At present, energy storage is still there is a big gap between the present situation and the expected development of the industry: energy storage because the technology is not yet mature, high cost, and the price mechanism has not yet been established but failed to achieve commercial promotion, so large-scale enterprises will not enter the industry, the energy industry in the development initial stage. Policy support is not clear, the technology is not mature and high cost is the three major obstacles to the development of the energy storage industry before maturity stage.


1 policy is the key to the outbreak of the energy storage industry.


November 2014, the energy storage for the first time as a "9 key areas of innovation" and "20 key creative direction" into the national energy planning document. In February 2015, China chemical and Physical Power Industry Association commissioned by the National Energy Bureau of new energy and renewable energy will be the focus of our clients, lead and participate in energy storage "13th Five-Year" planning a major research work. This shows that the future of the country will vigorously promote energy industry development, the author thinks that to encourage and attract investment and financing policies need to focus on the introduction of subsidies, price and cost price mechanism, because these policies can help energy profitable enterprises to promote technological development, reduce costs, create more profits, interests will drive more enterprises to enter the storage industry, and further promote technological progress and cost reduction, eventually making cost reduction without subsidies to energy storage companies can be profitable state. So the policy for the energy storage industry has played a very critical role, we need to always pay attention to the trend of the relevant policies and efforts.


2 energy storage lithium battery technology such as solar power battery technology is expected in the next five years the performance was improved greatly, the cost is expected to decline sharply, wide application of lithium battery technology based on the development of lithium battery technology in the future may promote the energy storage industry.


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