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China energy storage lithium battery market demand

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 13:45:54

First, the development of energy storage market policy


The country is also increasing emphasis on the development of energy storage such as solar backup generator market, 2015 national and local successively promulgated related policies have begun to release positive signals, the Energy Bureau June 2016 "on the promotion of electric energy storage in power auxiliary service north regional compensation (market) Notice" pilot work mechanism is introduced, it is to let the industry that in 2016 the storage industry development problem. At present, energy storage is also planning in the demonstration phase in 13th Five-Year. Related information shows that at the national level to discuss the mode of energy subsidies point the day and await for it.


November 2015, the reservoir can be formally incorporated into the national five year plan. "NPC and CPPCC", "economic and social development of the thirteenth five year plan (Draft)" proposed, the construction of modern energy system, and put forward the "13th Five-Year" during the energy field of the eight key projects. Eight key projects mentioned energy storage power plants, energy reserve facilities, focusing on the development and application of technology to accelerate the development of large-scale energy storage and other technologies.


In April 2016, the NDRC Energy Bureau jointly issued the "energy technology innovation action plan (2016-2030)" requirements, research for peak shaving efficiency, and application of distributed electric vehicle, micro grid energy storage technology, grasp the core technology of the technical aspects of the energy storage.

In June, the Energy Bureau issued "on the promotion of electric energy storage in power assisted Services North Region compensation (market) Notice" pilot work mechanism, to encourage investment in electrical energy storage facilities. The generation side storage can participate in peak FM and ancillary services market, according to the contract price settlement of power plant. User side energy storage charge can be purchased at its own low power consumption, discharge power can be sold to the nearest user.


In addition, in June 20, 2016, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry, Energy Bureau jointly issued the "Chinese manufacturing plan" 2025 energy equipment, energy storage equipment has become one of the 15 fields of energy equipment development task, further emphasizes the support for technological innovation of high performance battery storage.

Two, the size of the market


Global energy storage industry still maintained a rapid pace of development, in 2015, the world's new energy storage projects (including operation, in construction, planning in the project) 143, installed capacity increased by 78% over the previous year. The rapid development of energy storage industry can not be separated from the promotion of policy, especially the implementation of subsidies is an important energy to stimulate the development of the industry. In Europe and other countries, the storage industry has been included in the national strategic level, these countries are using powerful industrial policies and sustained investment, and constantly promote the energy industry innovation and development, and the current China storage is still at an early stage, with the recent introduction of a series of normal, energy storage market is expected to usher in rapid development stage.


At present, the lithium battery in the application of energy storage is mainly focus on the energy storage in the grid (power ancillary services, renewable energy grid, peak etc.), the base station standby power supply, optical solar power generator system, family electric vehicle charging station optical storage and other fields, in 2015 China energy storage market, lithium-ion battery installed share for 2/3, followed by the lead-acid battery and flow battery. With the strategic transformation of the national energy structure and promote the new electricity reform policy tends to break, "13th Five-Year" period, China's energy market will be in the field of public power, to penetrate from the transmission side user side.

 energy storage battery

Lithium statistics data show that in 2020, China's lithium battery energy storage market demand will reach 16.64GWH. The next five years, the cumulative demand for solar power batteries 68.05GWH, according to the current share of the installed capacity, the cumulative demand for lithium batteries in the next five years will reach 45.59GWH.

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