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China Lithium-Ion Battery Demand For Rapid Growth

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-04-13 16:46:08
The past two years, China's lithium-ion battery demand for rapid growth, has gradually become the leading force in the growth of lithium-ion battery industry. In addition, driven by the national policy, the field of energy storage capacity of lithium batteries is also growing rapidly, is expected over the next two years, the cumulative demand for energy storage lithium-ion battery will reach 13.66Gwh, lifepo4 battery pack market to promote the follow-up force.
China Lithium-Ion Battery Demand For Rapid Growth
By the energy-saving environmental protection and other policies, the state has increased support for the new energy automotive market, its production and sales into the booming situation. The rapid development of new energy automotive market, to promote the demand for power lithium battery. Statistics show that by 2016 China's new energy vehicle output growth rate of more than 36% and other factors, resulting in China's solar power batteries output in 2016 30.80Gwh, an increase of 82.25%. By 2020, China's automobile power battery production will reach 75Gwh, 2016-2020, the average annual compound growth rate of 25%.

Although compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries still have high cost problems, but at the same time, lithium-ion battery also has a long cycle life, energy efficiency, energy density, green and other advantages. With the lithium battery manufacturing costs are expected to reduce the national energy storage support policies have been landing, lithium-ion battery large-scale installed to the field of electrochemical energy storage will be the trend, which is expected to usher in the field of energy storage growth.
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