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China Heibei Promotes Intelligent Energy Production

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:19:11

Portable Solar Power Generator SystemSpecifically, to promote intelligent energy production, the establishment of monitoring energy production run, public service management and scheduling information network and strengthen the energy industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises docking and information production and consumption intelligent. Construction of solar and other renewable energy sources as the main body, more coordinated energy complementary energy Internet, support for large shopping malls, hotels, stadiums and rural distributed rooftop PV solar powered protable generator projects, breaking distributed generation, energy storage, smart micro-grid, active distribution network and other key technologies to build intelligent power operation monitoring, management technology platform.

In the new energy automotive industry, the "Outline" proposed to focus on support for the engine, the motor drive system, electric air-conditioning, advanced transmission, intelligent control, electric brakes and other core technology research and development. Promote the development of new energy bus, family car, the venue and other special vehicles, improving buses, taxis, urban distribution vehicles, official vehicles, special vehicles and private cars in the business of new energy vehicles proportion. These devices could use lithium batteries now, like lifepo4 48v. Support pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid development. Accelerate the charging station, charging for infrastructure and charging station pile to protect all kinds of buildings and public parking facilities with the construction of the charging base ratio, support small footprint, low cost, quick and three-dimensional mechanical parking integrated charging facilities.
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