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China EV Battery Manufacturer Will Lead The World

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-04 15:36:02
British media said the outskirts of China's third-tier cities in Ningde, a dusty village, it does not look like the future of the world's leading automotive technology company's headquarters. However, China's industrial policy from top to bottom (the global value chain division of labor in China's industrial upgrading strategy, clean polluted city over, turning electric vehicles, etc.) decided to Ningde New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. will become a hero from his hometown National champion, and then go further.

Reuters reported on December 26, China's Matsushita Electric Industrial Company of Japan and South Korea's LG Chemical's answer is in the past year its lifepo4 battery pack production capacity has tripled to keep up with the rapid growth of China's electric car sales pace.
China EV Battery Manufacturer Will Lead The World
Ningde times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. President Huang Shilin said last week, after the completion of this year in October after the second injection, the company's total turned over four times to 89.9 billion yuan. Hope to 2020 in Beijing before the listing of the OTC, and then raise at least 30 billion yuan of funds Ningde times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is expected to become a global leading force.

The company in the automotive lithium battery production has more than South Korea's LG Chemical Company, and keep track of Matsushita Electric Industrial Company and Warren Buffett-backed BYD Co.,
China EV Battery Manufacturer Will Lead The World
Ningde times new energy technology company plans to turn the battery capacity by 2020 6 times to 50 gigawatt hours.

"We continue to move in the direction of the state, and we hope that by 2020 we will be able to lead the world," Huang said.

The company, which was set up just five years ago, has stepped out of China, with offices in Sweden, Germany and France, and plans to build plants in Europe, the report said. Company representatives said the company could only say that BMW was a corporate customer because of a confidentiality agreement.

However, despite the ambitious expansion plans, the emerging company's reliance on government policies and technology is still at risk.

As the battery costs have been high, orders are gradually reduced, the US auto battery maker A123 from the initial public offering to bankruptcy has only gone through three years.

According to the battery industry insiders said that a battery manufacturer to win in China, first of all must be removed from overseas investment in order to obtain subsidies and other policy support.

Ningde in the establishment of the new era of energy technology companies, Zeng Yuqun first set up a new energy Ningde Technology Co., Ltd., the current majority of the company's shares owned by the Japanese company TDK.

Ningde New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Initially owned 15% Ningde times the new energy technology company 's shares, but last year' s first leap in electric vehicle sales have been sold.
China EV Battery Manufacturer Will Lead The World
While government support for electric vehicles has driven demand for components such as LFP battery, leading companies such as Ningde New Energy Technology have benefited from other policies that the government has taken to consolidate small businesses or force smaller companies into bankruptcy.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said last month that it was considering a new regulation that would raise battery manufacturers' minimum capacity requirements by about 40 to 8 gigawatt hours.

According to Chinese media reports, only BYD and Ningde times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. reached this minimum requirement, and Hefei Guoxuan Hi-Tech Power Energy Company and Tianjin Lishen Battery Corporation may close next year or more than that level.
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