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China Aided Park Solar Lighting Project In Pakistan

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-18 22:29:21
China 's free aid to Islamabad, Pakistan F - 9 park solar lighting project handover ceremony 15 afternoon at the park was held. Pakistani Finance Minister Yitzhak Dahl, Islamabad Mayor Sheikh Ansar Aziz and Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong, nearly 100 people attended the event. At the ceremony, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Pakistan, Tariq Bhagavan and Ambassador Sun Weidong, signed the project transfer certificate, marking the formal completion of the inter-governmental transfer of the project.

In his address, Ambassador Sun said Islamabad is known as the "Garden City". The F-9 Park is the largest park in Islamabad. It is a symbol of the city and a good place for local people to relax and enjoy. In order to enhance the friendship between the two peoples and improve the local people's livelihood, the Chinese government free assistance to the Palestinian side to implement the park solar powered portable generator lighting project. The project represents a green, environmentally friendly and sustainable development concept in China. It is a new symbol of China-Pakistan friendship. It is hoped that this project will facilitate the local people and add more light to Islamabad.
China Aided Park Solar Lighting Project In Pakistan
Ishak Dahl pointed out that Pakistan-China friendship has made historic progress in the past three years, and Pakistan cherishes this precious friendship. F-9 Park solar lighting project is the Chinese government and the people gave Pakistan a wonderful gift, Pakistan expressed its thanks.

According to the exchange of letters signed by the two governments on November 21, 2014, the Chinese government has agreed to assist Pakistan in the form of grants in aid, said Hao Jing, project manager of the solar lighting project at F-9 Park in Pakistan's China Railway 17th Bureaus Group of Electrification Engineering Co. Ltd. Government to implement the project, the construction of a total installed capacity of 0.85 megawatts of photovoltaic power plant (off-grid energy storage), the company appointed by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce responsible for project construction. The project mainly for the local construction of two sets of photovoltaic energy storage system, installed a total of 3,400 250W polysilicon photovoltaic modules. In addition, the project construction also includes power distribution room engineering, solar power generator power generation equipment and installation engineering.

Since December 10, 2015 started, the construction technology group carefully organized and reasonable arrangements, has to overcome the high temperature and heat, the security situation is grim and long rainy season and other unfavorable factors, and ultimately ensure that the project on October 20 this year, the successful completion of , Two months ahead of schedule. After the project is completed, it will be used for the lighting and power load of the developed area in the park. The project site also has LED display, cycle display real-time power generation, cumulative power generation, cumulative carbon dioxide emission reductions and other data and information.
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