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Chicago Aquarium Battery For Grid

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-03 13:35:48
Chicago Aquarium Battery The Chicago Schneider Aquarium demonstrates and protects the complexity of the Earth's aquatic ecosystem with its work. However, within the next few weeks, civic institutions will find themselves in another complex extension - albeit very man-made: the 21st century grid.

In June, Schneider installed 60,000 pounds of $ 20,000 batteries as part of an aquarium program, and by 2020, like all energy storage systems to reduce energy consumption by half as part of Shed's batteries will be invaluable for aquariums Of backup power and help meet peak demand.

But a 1-megawatt, lithium-ion system will also power the wider role in the way and demand balance across the entire region. Once its batteries are on-line, Schneider will be able to store the electricity sold to the electricity market operated by the PJM interconnected power grid, which manages power production and runs across 13 states and regional transmission organizations in the District of Columbia.

The battery was funded by a grant from the Illinois Department of Business and Economic Opportunity, installed by Schneider Electric. Bob Wengel, a vice president at the Shetland facility, said the batteries should be ready by the end of October.

At this point, Schneider will be the main force across the consumer electronics and power producers, a long-standing definition of the divide between existing power grids.

"If you go back 30 years, the grid is a one-way street," Wengel said in a recent visit to the Midwest Energy News Tour of a gale, rainy day aquarium energy system. The rise of wind and solar power helps reduce the pressure on natural resources, but also complicates the transportation of power grids.

Grid operators such as the PJM must ensure that the power flow is consistent and stable despite the rise of wind and sun as the energy source. Typically, reserve capacity is maintained by a fossil fuel power plant operating under conditions of sudden changes in supply or demand.

The lifePo4 batteries, like the person who was installed in Scheider, offers a cleaner alternative to the management grid.

"If you have enough batteries to do that ... you can close these plants," Wengel said. "Now wants to preserve natural resources."
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