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Chaowei Group And Stanford University Signed A Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-30 10:01:46
By the International Association of lithium batteries, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province Economic Development Zone Management Committee contractors, Huzhou City Economic and Information Technology Commission, Chao Wei Group and other co-organized the Ninth International Conference on new lithium battery electric vehicles (ABAA9) in Zhejiang Huzhou held. In this meeting, Chaowei Group and the United States signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement Stanford University, jointly promote the development and application of lithium-ion battery.

Chairman of the General Assembly, the United States Argonne National Laboratory Professor KhalilAmine, the National Energy Board of the Department of Electric Power Safety and Regulatory Affairs, the State Environmental Protection Administration, the State Environmental Protection Administration, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Director of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Wang Xia, chairman of the China Battery Industry Association Zhao Jinsheng, China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association Secretary-General Liu Yanlong and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.

chaoweiInternational Conference on new lifepo4 battery pack electric vehicles by the International Association of lithium batteries and in the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries of the advanced lithium battery business and well-known research institutions jointly sponsored the international conference. The four-day conference, including the dialogue of national energy institutions, guests academic lectures, electric vehicle industry show, industry matchmaking and other sectors. The meeting focused on "China's new energy vehicles and battery technology research and development progress and focus on deployment", "the next generation of automotive battery research and application challenges" and other topics to discuss the exchange.

It is understood that this meeting also held the same period Huzhou (International) electric car industry exhibition. Zhu Lilan, Chairman of China National Invention Association, Mao Guanglie, Vice Mayor of Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress, Mayor Chen Weijun of Huzhou, and other leaders visited the booth of Superway to learn more about the related technical details of the new ultra-prestige lithium battery and Prandtl, And highly affirmed the advantages of ultra-Wei Li in terms of security. During the meeting, the relevant person in charge of lithium power industry on the future development of battery safety and other hot issues received a media interview.

During the meeting, Chaowei Group and the United States signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement Stanford University, the common lithium-ion battery materials, performance, manufacturing, application and other strong cooperation, and jointly promote the development of lithium battery technology. The signing of the agreement, open the ultra-Granville Group to deepen the comprehensive international strategic cooperation in the new chapter, to promote the "strong alliance", cooperation and win-win is of great significance. It is understood that the cooperation project called "Energy3.0", domestic only ultra-Granville Group, SAIC and the State Grid three companies selected.
Chaowei Group Chairman Zhou Mingming attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech. He said that Chaowei has always been to "promote green energy perfect human life" for the mission and objectives, in order to achieve this goal, planning the two paths, one is from the power battery upgrade to power system, to the manufacture of pure electric vehicles; From lifepo4 battery to the construction of energy storage stations, energy storage system. He pointed out that there are two key factors to support the implementation of the two paths, technology and innovation, and to achieve these two key factors, talent is the first. Chao Wei attaches great importance to the introduction and cultivation of talent, in order to introduce the world's sophisticated talent, factories and research institutes can be set to the world, where talent, factories on where. At the same time, Chaowei vigorously implement the entrepreneurial training project, experts, scientists, partners, general staff, respectively, the design of different training processes, at present, the results have cultivated entrepreneurs 36, the future Chaowei hope that through efforts to train more enterprises Family.

At the meeting, from the ultra-Granville Group's "National Thousand Talents Program" experts Tatsumi Nagoya on lithium-ion battery technology trends and the application of many aspects of ultra-Granville products delivered a wonderful speech, by the guests of great concern.

From the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and other ministries and related leaders and relevant provincial and municipal leaders, China, the United States, France, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions of the top institutions and research institutions of the battery experts and scholars, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Well-known car manufacturers on behalf of ultra-Granville, the day can, micro-power, LG Chemical, CATL and other well-known battery business representatives of more than 600 people attended the meeting.
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