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Carbon Nanotube Composites Flexible Lithium-Ion Battery Development

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-06 18:13:15

Recently, the National Center for Nanoscience (hereinafter referred to as "the Centre") assumed the lead researcher Wei Zhixiang Beijing Science and Technology project "carbon nanotube composites flexible lithium-ion battery development" by the expert group acceptance, the successful completion of the task topic.

Center Wei Zhixiang team innovative conventional copper foil for use in lifepo4 batteries, aluminum foil collector substitute nanocomposites that can be prepared in a large area, flexible batteries and achieve the body and the bending process active substances not falling. Through continuous improvement and innovation, flexible batteries or even in a wound state performed thousands of times under repeated bending, nor any decrease in performance. In addition, the center-driven research with collaborative innovation as a guide, through cooperation with Lenovo Innovation Institute, realized the application verification flexible batteries in smart watch strap, the strap night run warning, the measured data has been put to practical use Claim.

Next, the center will be market demand-oriented, to further adapt the smart wearable device morphological diversity, the battery capacity and meet higher requirements for stability, development can adapt to the shape of the profiled flexible batteries, and in the development of higher specific capacity of the active material and a high ionic conductivity of non-liquid electrolyte, and build new flexible terms of battery systems for raw innovation, promote domestic flexible battery technology continues to improve, to develop a wearable device market to provide a solid guarantee.

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Smart wearable device applications include a fitness and health, medical and health care, industrial and military as well as information and entertainment, received wide attention in recent years, become a hot consumer electronics. Industry giants have already begun the layout of smart wearable device market has grown rapidly. According to the latest report released by market research firm IDTechEx shows 2016 wearable device market size will more than 30 billion US dollars, by 2026 will reach $ 150 billion. When the lightweight, miniaturization has become a key point of competition, the flexible battery technology breakthrough innovations, other than solar powered protable generator, smart wearable market will enter a rapid development period and an important part of market maturity.

From the age of the Internet to the mobile Internet era, to the era of things, smart wearable devices will become things of the consumer support. In the realization of innovative features while battery technology innovation has become the key to smart wearable device can be rapid development. Flexible lithium-ion battery has excellent performance and bending resistance, effective use of smart wearable devices "Invalid" space, battery life problem solving.

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